Longmire Review: Not Playing with Fire

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Walt Longmire is a not a man who horses around.

And the all-business sheriff was more focused than ever on "A Damn Shame," the third episode of this A&E drama and an installment that focused on the death of three animals, along with the presumed death of a former mobster.

Longmire's Team Under Fire

The hour played out more like a procedural than the opening two episodes of Longmire, a complaint I voiced last week and the same one I have this time around.

Aside from the countryside and the constant emphasis on Walt as an old school subtle man of the law (we get it, he doesn't have a cell phone), Longmire feels a bit too much like CSI at the moment. Which is fine if you like CSI. I simply need more than a Case of the Week to keep my attention in the grand scheme of a TV show.

"A Damn Shame" opened on a crime scene... revealed a few new clues along the way... presented a twist about halfway through... and wrapped up with the bad guy apprehended. Even the use of "Hallelujah" - perhaps the most covered song in history - came across as trite. There wasn't a lot here that felt especially original.

Seriously, aside from Ferg, did any viewer not instantly know the supposed FBI agent was a member of the mob?

Walt also feels like too much of an all-knowing superhero. Most crimes have been solved so far with him somehow noticing a minute clue, following his hunch and filling in his colleagues later on. I'd love to actually see more of Branch in action, and I'd especially love to learn more about Vic. There's clearly a deep backstory here from her time on the East Coast, something used as a convenient plot point (good thing she happened to have an organized crime pal!) on this episode, but something I'd prefer to see more fleshed out in the future.

I'll stick around for another couple weeks. There's enough here - from the acting to the setting - to hold my interest. But with Sunday nights remaining the most packed on television, I'll need more than an all-seeing, sullen Walt Longmire solving a new case each week to keep me coming back.

A Damn Shame Review

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