Pretty Little Liars Set Visit, Part 2: Who is on the A Team?

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TV Fanatic ventured to the Pretty Little Liars set last week, gathering intel on Season 3 and interview various PLL cast members.

In Part One of this report, we chatted with the four key players, learning about their love lives and how much darker new episodes may be this summer. Now, we take a look at the supporting stars in Rosewood and venture back to the 1980s to ask one simple question: Is there an A Team?


 Janel Parrish should be nervous. Her character of Mona was revealed to be A on the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 finale. So she won't be heard from a lot going forward, right? Very wrong.

“The girls need her more than ever,” Parrish teased to me on set regarding Season 3.

Get Out Of Her Way

The actress continued, recalling a former television hit that whose title will be brought up often this summer.

“Is there an ‘A’ team? Is Mona working for someone? Is she calling the shots? That is the question. I think season three will delve into that. There will be shockers coming up!”

Ian Harding, meanwhile, said Ezra and Aria will face “adult problems" now that they have gone public, while echoing Parrish's hints over who else may be out there.

“This ‘A team’ is going after the girls pretty evenly,” Harding said. “The ante is up. The danger is more. It's not just like, ‘You will get kicked out of school’ for Aria. It's more like, ‘You might lose your life.’”

Where does Toby stand in all of this? In an innocent corner, Keegan Allen insists.

“He is the only character that hadn't told a lie up to a certain point," the actor said. "The only time he ever lied was to Peter Hastings just so he could help Spencer out."

And while Allen says he'd love nothing more than for Toby to play "sleuth" with the gals, he'll be facing a challenging in his love life that will require attention first.

“Wren factors into this love triangle between Spencer and Toby more,” Allen previewed.

Finally, Tammin Sursok points to a scene in last year's Halloween episode - where viewers witnessed Jenna interacting with Alison - as a possible clue for her character's involvement: "Normally our writers don't create something for the story if it doesn't mean something. Nothing happens by accident on our show!”

And might Hanna be curious as well? This Pretty Little Liars sneak peek depicts Hanna visiting Mona in the asylum.

“Hanna wants some answers and some closure," Sursok says. "New things are happening in Rosewood and Hanna wants to know if I am involved and what I know,” she said. "It will be bumpy and the interaction will be turbulent.”

Would you expect anything less from Pretty Little Liars

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