Royal Pains Review: Foreign Accent Syndrome

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Royal Pains kicked off its fourth season with a slow but riveting start that set the tone for at least the first few episodes.

"After the Fireworks" didn't simply close with an unexpected explosion; plenty of bombs were dropped throughout the entire installment, as fans happily put on their figurative sun screen and jumped on the Jitney tonight for a trip back to the Hamptons.

Hank & Divya At a Food Festival

When we left Hank and Evan at the end of Royal Pains Season 3, the two had come to blows over how the company should be run, which resulted in Hank leaving his own practice.

Coming back, we're right where we left off, and the tensions between the two brothers have escalated, with Divya desperately trying to pick up the pieces.

I think Divya's attempt to mend the broken relationship was a direct reaction to her own failure to navigate a relationship with her parents. It still hurts me to see that they're rejecting their daughter, especially when Divya is so desperate to have them back in her life, or at least act like they know her in public.

Furthermore, I think that Divya is grabbing at the fray for something that's normal and consistent. Her family has excommunicated her, Raj has a new beau (who we discovered is pregnant) and Jill is about to head to new adventures in Uruguay. Now the only family she has left, Hank and Evan, is about to break apart as well. What is Divya supposed to do if these two split up? Will she inevitably be forced to choose between them?

It only hurt more to see that even her best attempts to sit Hank and Evan down to talk to one another and work out their differences imploded when they engaged in a shouting match about having the last word. Talk about foreign accent syndrome in one of their patients... Hank and Evan can barely understand each other when they speak English!

If there's any moment that confirms my suspicion about their miscommunication problem, it was at the end when Hank sang Evan's praises, only to say that whoever was lucky enough to have Evan's talents bestowed upon them was sure to be successful.

Evan really wanted Hank to start taking him seriously and appreciate his gifts as they related their partnership and HankMed. Evan never really wanted to break up their business or continue on his own, only to have Hank see him as an equal.

Speaking of which, Rosie Nowak, faux-famed competitive eater with a symptomatic accent, was a nice and interesting medical-focused addition to the episode. So was the revelation that too much water can be bad for you. I thought I'd never see the day when water became the enemy. But, alas, it does exist!

I also appreciated Donal Logue's performance as Jill's brother, Ernie. Not only because he's a great actor, but I've wondered where he was since FX canceled the truly amazing Terriers. Meeting a new member of the McGuillicuddy clan was most definitely a welcome sight.

With the unexpected explosion below, it's useful to note that we haven't quite hit the Monday deadline, at which time Hank and Evan will make final decisions about what to do about the company. While Evan has clearly made some decisive moves towards securing his financial and business future sans Hank, there is most certainly time for him to change his mind.

I don't know about you, but I don't think that HankMed can survive not only without Hank, but with Dr.'s Van Dyke and the ever-awkward Cicani at the helm. I just don't have any faith in it.

So, TV Fanatics, what do you think will happen come Monday? Might there be a miracle reunification of HankMed? Or is it donesies for real?

After the Fireworks Review

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