Royal Pains Review: It Lives?!

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Zombies, mad scientists and family matters ruled the day on Royal Pains this week.

Surprisingly, the aptly titled episode, "Dawn of the Med," did, in fact, allude to the reconciliation of HankMed's founding partners, Hank and Evan.

Hank & the Zombies

We may not have gotten to see our favorite Hampton-ites perform Michael Jackson's famed thriller dance, but we sure were treated some hilarious almost sepia-toned horror moments this episode.

Poor Evan, losing both cell service and gas simultaneously, forcing him into the unsuspecting house of an old man and snarling dog. It seemed to me that the isolated location and black wrought-iron fence should have been the first features to bring Evan pause before he even entered the home.

Lucky for him, a lovely young girl named Nell appeared to provide some certainty and normality previously absent in that situation.

I did not expect, however, to find that the poor old man was suffering from a disease that lay dormant inside him for nearly 30 years and was contracted in New Guinea, of all places.

I was also intrigued by the attempts to paint him as some sort of mad scientist, using germs for likely sinister or supernatural purposes. It was kind of funny, but severely underplayed to the point it was almost laughable. Really wish they would have decided on one genre, either mad scientists or zombies, and stuck with it. I simply think they could have done a better job in that department.

Speaking of which, the whole concept of a zombie run for charity was underdeveloped. One minute they a treating a young man who was apparently choking on a fake blood recipe he created, the next he's got an esophageal tear. What kind of charity and for what purpose they were involved, was never really discussed, and the part zombies play is only mildly apparent once the actual race itself got underway.

The bit with Hank faking being a zombie with Evan was cute and humorous, but reinforces my point about flip-flopping on the genre they wished to spoof.

They didn't necessarily have to spend a lot of time on development or zombies, but the horror stuff didn't really seem to go at all with what was going on in the character's lives throughout the episode either.

First, we have Eddie R. returning to the Hamptons, both to promote his book and spend time with his bickering boys. I have yet to decide which purpose Eddie R. wished to serve most. That said, I was surprised to learn he was allowed to maintain a blog while behind bars, and wonder if it wasn't some get-rich ploy for his post-incarceration days.

Similarly, I am unsure he really played that significant a role in Hank and Evan's reconciliation. Perhaps his presence tamed the tensions between them enough that they could level with each other by reflecting on the past that brought them closer together, mainly their mother falling ill and their father abandoning them? Maybe it was simply seeing themselves work together again?

Either way, there may be a chance that HankMed will emerge reunited and stronger than before, though we only have a tacit agreement of that possibility existing and nothing quite yet set in stone.

One thing I am still wondering about it Boris and the craziness that erupted twice at his home during the episode. Men in suits storming a departing van to gun shots in the middle of the night. It seems Boris' return to the show will bring with it some new drama concerning his family with Marissa and their son, Carlos. Why was he so obstinent about Hank treating the man who was shot. Why was he even shot in the first place, besides because he was perceived an intruder? Who was he?

Drama was also at Divya's doorstep this week... literally. The hour saw Divya and her mother reunite in secret to leave Divya's father unaware of their meetings. They ate hot dogs and had girl time at the salon, but by the end of the episode, Divya's mother was unloaded on her doorstep proclaiming she had left her husband. I know we were all wondering: WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!

In fact, if most of the episode didn't have you asking that same question, then you must not have a pulse.

Or you're a zombie.......

So, TV Fanatics, which storyline from this episode most caught you attention?

Dawn of the Med Review

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