The Client List Review: Now That's a Kiss!

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Everyone on The Client List was "Acting Up"" this week, as some relationships imploded and others had a spectacular start. Yes, I'm talking about that kiss!

Riley Runs Into Evan

But let's go back to the beginning. 

Georgia's control over The Rub was slipping. I always assumed Selena would be the spa's downfall. I never thought it would be Dee Ann, but getting involved with a power hungry guy who doesn't know how to take no for an answer is always a problem.

I didn't blame Georgia for firing Dee Ann. She put everyone at risk. Unfortunately, Georgia came off too strong with the councilman and it's about to come back to bite her.

Kendra's love story with Bobby has been on shaky ground for awhile now. I've been rooting for their break up for weeks. It seemed like she'd have way more fun with Luke.

Then it looked like Riley wanted a love life too.

Dr. Mark was nice, and cute but a little too pushy, especially when it came to Katie. The poor kid was still reeling from Daddy walking out. The last thing she wanted was some new guy coming around to woo Mommy and offering to teach her soccer. This was a severe case of too much too soon and I'm surprised Riley didn't realize it from the start.

Riley's date highlighted the vast differences between her and Dr. Mark. He's a guy who cries at the opera while she's more comfortable with a backyard barbecue. There's nothing wrong with either, but they aren't exactly compatible.

That Riley and Mark ended quickly didn't surprise me half as much as the demise of Evan and Selena.  After last week's episode I thought we'd be subjected to that story line for much longer. At least Evan was smart enough to catch on to Selena's games after only a couple of dates. His character has been redeemed.

However, I was disappointed that they brought about Taylor's human side so soon. It could have been so much fun watching her torture Linette and Lacy a little longer. Not that I didn't want to see her character rounded out but it just felt too fast.

Katie's disappearance was the perfect catalyst for driving Evan and Riley together. When the relief over finding the girl took hold, the walls came down and Evan finally kissed her. Oh, what a kiss it was. All of their passion and longing was poured into that smooch and it appeared to be the perfect beginning to a friendship becoming so much more.

Then the moment we all knew was coming finally arrived. As soon as I heard the bell I knew it wasn't Evan at the door. That would have been too easy. 

I can't imagine anyone's going to be welcoming Kyle back with open arms. Well, maybe his kids but he'll have to explain himself even to them and I'm sure they'll always wonder if daddy's going to disappear on them again.

Kyle's caused a lot of damage. Some of it irreparable. What will his return mean for Riley, and especially for Riley and Evan? Tune into next week's season finale of The Client List to find out.

Acting Up Review

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