True Blood Round Table: "Authority Always Wins"

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From our first look at The Authority to our first look back to how Pam met Eric, True Blood once again delivered an action/storyline-packed episode last Sunday.

What did our Round Table panel of Matt Richenthal, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, Chris O'Hara and special guest Liz Henderson from think of "Authority Always Wins?" Find out below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: I'll narrow is all the way down to our very first look inside The Authority offices. Who knew they were Mac people?!?

Jim: Hands down it was Jessica teasing Steve into a "fang boner." Remembering how she had trouble controlling her fangs early on, it was a lot of fun seeing her turn that on the former reverend and his lust for Jason.

Leigh: I'm with Jim. The scene between Steve Newlin and Jessica was hilarious and awesome. Jessica is so much fun when she asserts her power over people and has confidence in herself as a vampire. Steve is just awkward, uncomfortable and nursing a serious schoolgirl crush on Jason!

Chris: As much as I loved seeing Jessica toy with Newlin and call him out for having a fang boner and real boner, I thought the scene where Roman gave “communion” to the members of the Authority was the most compelling. For one, it was a nice deviation from the brand of scenes we have grown accustomed to. I am very excited to see more of the mythology surrounding vampires revealed. It was so intense and amazing.  Not to detract from the sanctity of the moment but what also made it such a great scene was the expression of utter indifference on Eric’s face while Bill looked like he was trying to remember if he DVRd the season finale of The Killing or not. I’m in a real pickle here boys.

Liz: When Bill pulled the Russell card to bargain with Roman for his and Eric's lives. Once again he showed his knowledge of politics and how to play the games. I love when he shows that side of himself.

True Blood Round Table

Give us your first impression of The Authority.
Matt: Very entertaining. The torture scenes shed light both on their belief system and on Eric and Bill's newfound friendship, while Meloni's Roman came across as strong leader with the potential for a major emotional breakdown. That's always fun.

Jim: Impressive. From the UV lights to the IV Silver injections, they certainly are keeping up with modern technology. I was expecting more old school torturing... like hot pokers or something.

Leigh: The Authority is the very opposite of the lavish kingdoms of Russell Edgington and Sophie Anne. It's surprising but also intriguing to see such a modernized version of vampire hierarchy. I was also shocked at how religious their roots were. It only took five seasons to get that kind of background!

Chris: Like I stated above, I am a huge fan. I love the history they bring to the table. I did find myself poking fun at them, though, like when Sharon Osbourne’s lookalike wanted Eric and Bill sent to the glue factory or after Vampire Bieber’s outburst and subsequent shushing by Roman. Has got to suck being like a thousand years old and treated like a child because that was the age you were turned.

Liz: Love them!! They bring a whole new look and feel to True Blood, with the high-tech, state-of-the-art cells and torture devices. Everything is shiny, clean and new, and they all dress up for the meeting in their Sunday best. Individually they are a very interesting group. I can't wait to see more of them. Chris Meloni as Roman brings such a large presence to the show. Bigger, in my opinion, than Russell.

Are you on Team Luna or Team Sam in their apparent break up?
Matt: Team Aluna! With Sam now out of the picture, and Luna needing some serious werewolf guidance to deal with Emma, I hope she and Alcide shift into their birthday suits together... if you know what I mean!

Jim: Sam was willing to DIE to keep them safe, how many guys are willing to do that??!? Luna evidently has forgotten that Sam was willing to go to his grave to keep them safe just hours before. The ungrateful... GAH!!! 

Leigh: This is hard because Sam did put his life on the line for them. However, I understand Luna's inherent need to protect her daughter, her family, her blood. I think she and Sam will work it out anyway.

Chris: I’m on Team Luna. I felt like Sam was trying to pawn Luna’s daughter off on the pack so he could have Luna to himself. It was like he wanted to send her to supernatural sleep away camp so he could get some slumber party time alone with his sexy shifter.

Liz: As a mother, I have to go with Luna on this one. I'd do the same thing she did to protect my kids from crazies like Martha. Sam just had no clue.

How much would you sell Jason Stackhouse for?
Matt: A lot more than Jerry Stackhouse. Jason is still in his prime.

Jim: Honestly, 20K was a really good offer. He's pretty to look at but trying to hold a conversation with him is like trying to discuss Game of Thrones with a fourth grader.

Leigh: I'm no pimp! Jason is as sexy as he is stupid, but he can negotiate his own rates.

Chris: I would trade Jason for Jessica any day, but that’s just me. He was on fire, though, this week wasn’t he? That’s getting to eat the pie without having to pay for the cow... win win.

Liz: I'm sorry, I just can't put a price tag on that. LOL!

Who do you feel worse for: Pam (due to fight with Eric), Tara (for being a vampire) or Arlene (for being married to a crazy person)?
Matt: Pam still gets to bring the funny every week, and Tara is really the same angry person she's always been, just a lot hungrier. But poor Arlene is the only mother of the trio, making it extra sad that her kids have to suffer through their step-father potentially taking an AK-47 to them in their sleep.

Jim: Pam. Not only did her last conversation with Eric end badly, she can't get a hold of him to fix it. Tara should be thankful her friends help keep her around and Arlene knew how bat-crap crazy Terry was going into the relationship.

Leigh: Does anyone care about the Terry storyline? Didn't think so. I love Pam, but I'm going with Tara on this one. She was so miserable in her life and the two people she loved most turned her into the one thing she despises with passion. She has every right to be confused and angry.

Liz: Definitely Pam. She is so heartbroken. This is the first time that she has angered Eric to the point of separation between them and she is so lost without him. Wait until she discovers that Eric has a "sister" and never told her. I'm crying already.

Chris: I’m with Liz here. Pam’s love for Eric runs so deep and after seeing how they met this week I can see why. Pam projects a tough exterior, but she is a soft as those kittens on her Walmart sweat suit inside when it comes to her maker. We saw with Eric and Godric just how emotional that bond is.

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Sam: She just lost her son.
Luna: She just ate her son.

Eric: The streets can be dangerous at this hour. A lady should really be more careful.
Pam: If I meet a lady, I'll let her know.