True Blood Round Table: "Whatever I Am, You Made Me"

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We met a fairy and a very angry Tara on True Blood this week, while viewers were also transported to the early 20th century and discovered why Eric turned Pam into a vampire.

Oh, yes, "Whatever I Am, You Made Me" was an enlightening, entertaining episode of this HBO smash and our Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines, Chris O'Hara and special guest Liz Henderson from are here to relive every last details from it...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The appearance of Mac from Veronica Mars. Someone really has to build a series about Tina Majorino, but until then I'll take her casually warning Bill and Eric about turning into "good."

Jim: Eric and Bill's first meeting. I think that established a bit of what their relationship was going to be like forever. Besides, it was nice to see Lorena again.

Leigh: I'm surprised by this choice, but I think it was the final confrontation between Sookie and Alcide at the end. Sook is able to lie to a lot of people but there was something so raw and human about that moment. Probably because she is used to interacting with the undead in emotional matters!

Chris: Bill teasing Eric in the elevator about getting his sloppy seconds after they each slept with Salome. They have come a long way from that night in Pam’s brothel where a much younger, but surprisingly strong, vampire Bill stood his ground in the face of the more powerful Eric.

Liz: My favorite has to be when Pam throws Sookie half-way across Fangtasia and Sookie pulls out her microwave force power and slams Pam. Look out Pam, Sookie is not just a gash in a sundress anymore!

True Blood Round Table

Jason and Jessica: Better as friends or lovers?
Matt: Clearly they are better off as friends. This goes for Jessica and all men who are not the Editor-in-Chief of TV Fanatic.

Jim: Both. You can't have a real relationship with only half of that. I think they needed to become friends before anything serious could happen romantically.

Leigh: Both. I agree with everything Jim said. Plus, I think these two kinda need each other.

Chris: I have to say friends because they haven’t really been lovers as much as they have been - as Jason put it - “f-ck buddies." I loved how Jessica didn’t just let Jason kick her out and instead offered to throw on some sweatpants and listen to what he had to say. I guess we were supposed to realize that after Jason’s parents died his teacher helped him fill that hole their death opened up? (No pun intended!) Either way, Jessica should have thrown on a sweatshirt as well if she expected Jason to focus at all. Some very cute and comedic moments overall.

Liz: I love them as friends. It's fun to watch the growth of these characters from what they were when we first met them. Jason is sorely in need of a friend since he no longer has Hoyt, and who better than someone like Jessica who understands him more than he even knows?

More shocking: Pam forcing Eric to turn her, Salome sleeping with both Eric and Bill or Tara trying to kill herself?
Matt: Not just Salome sleeping with Eric and Bill - but then turning around (or lying down... or getting on top) and sleeping with Roman, too! I guess Salome never gets stale in this case.

Jim: I'm going with Pam's method of forcing Eric to turn her. I never saw it coming, knowing what I do of Pam.

Leigh: Definitely Pam. I have never seen her so desperate. Everything about those flashbacks explained so much about how Pam came to be Pam.

Chris: Pam forcing Eric’s hand in turning her was the most shocking without a doubt. I am thoroughly enjoying these flashbacks. When Pam demanded $500 for each girl that had been drained by Lorena and Bill, Eric couldn’t help but smile at Pam’s moxie. The shot of Pam in her coffin as the tear of blood ran down her cheek was probably my favorite moment of the week.

Liz: Pam forcing Eric to turn her, hands down! I did not see that coming at all. Tara trying to kill herself was expected, but I think this is as low as she's going to get now. From here on out I think we're going to see her start to accept who and what she is and start making some choices about her life as it is now. All I could think about Salome is that she's sure got some great stamina.

Will Andy and Holly make it as a couple?
Matt: You know how I judge a couple: by its nickname. So... Handy? I approve! Plan the wedding now.

Jim: I hope so. Andy needs someone to ground him a bit so he's not so angry all the time. I like "In Love" Andy, he's a better person with Holly around.

Leigh: Yes, I hope so! They are both so dysfunctional and I love that they laid it all out there.

Chris: I sort of hope so. Andy has been through the ringer and Holly deserves some good in her life. Their rundown of their individual dysfunctions was great. Can’t imagine they have to many matches on eHarmony with those credentials.

Liz: Yes, I think they kind of need each other. Although, unless their story starts to mesh with the rest of the show, I really don't care.

More exciting return: Fairies or Lafayette's witch power thingy?
Matt: It's definitely NOT Lafayette and any sort of revival of wiccans or Brujos. So I'm forced to choose fairies, even if they're misuse/non-use last season was the most irritating aspect of True Blood.

Jim: Aw f-ck me! Fairies and demon possessions again! Don't we have enough arcs to follow without adding back more boring storylines?

Leigh: Ugh! I need to not see the Brujo face for a little, so by default I'll choose fairy. As long as they are a rebooted version from the horrendous faeryland in the True Blood Season 4 premiere.

Chris: The return of Lafayette’s Brujo face totally caught me off guard, as did his decision to go all Wanda from Big Love and poison the gumbo.

Liz: Fairies! I'm no surprised at Lafayette's demon showing up. I mean, the two people who conjured the thing were now dead and it was left in him. He's going to have to deal with it. It's going to be interesting. But seeing Claude and having Jessica follow the scent was pretty cool, I thought. I want the fairie story because I want Sookie to really get a hold of her power. She's going to have to learn that, although she's not doing too badly on her own.

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