An Awkward Interview: Jillian Rose Reed Chooses a Team, Previews Season 2

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Following a terrific start to Awkward Season 2, TV Fanatic got on the phone with Jillian Rose Reed, the actress behind everyone's favorite social ladder-climber, Tamara.

Read on to see what Jillian has to say about the letter, Tamara in general and whether she's on Team Matty or Team Jake...


What are Tamara’s motivations this year? Has she changed at all from the first season?
A little bit. She is growing up and she does mature this season. There’s still a lot of the same drama she went through last season. Her love life is all drama this season from her on again off again Ricky Schwartz relationship.

What does Tamara think about Lacey’s letter? Does Jenna even tell her?
She doesn’t say much to Tamara about it. The carefrontation letter has more focus within Jenna’s family. Tamara’s there for her, but this season it’s more about the boy drama than family drama for Tamara and Jenna.

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What’s the deal with the anonymous commenter? Can you shed any light on it?
Can’t reveal anything about who it is right now, but for a long time Jenna’s blog was private and now that someone is commenting it symbolizes that Jenna’s world is opening up and she’s not as private as she once was.

How are Tamara’s relationships with Jenna and Ming this year? Last year there was some strain there.
The rough patch last season made Tamara’s relationship with Jenna a lot stronger. This season there’s so much going on with boy drama that their friendship ends up being even stronger.

Which team would Tamara be on: Matty or Jake?
Tamara and I are both Team Jatty, which is a mixture of the two. Honestly, there’s so much confusion Jenna has about both boys, and Tamara is confused right along side her. Tamara knows both of these guys are great and they both have great qualities, and she doesn’t know which one to choose either!

You are absolutely fantastic at saying Awkward’s made up words, do you have a favorite? Did you have trouble with any?
They all get explained to me beforehand so I don’t have any trouble or confusion about them.  My favorites this season are “Frasians” which means friends who are Asian and adorahorrible which means cute but slutty.

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