Beauty and the Beast Comic-Con Panel: Mixing Ingredients, Relying on Emotion

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The cast and crew of Beauty and the Beast, led by stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, invaded Comic-Con yesterday for a panel discussion with fans that proceeded a screening of the series premiere.

What can viewers expect from a series that has landed the post-Vampire Diaries time slot of Thursdays at 9 p.m. this fall? Less supernatural business than you might assume.

Kristin Kreuk and Ryan Jay at Comic-Con

"We weren't interested in a supernatural creature," co-creator Jennifer Levin said. "We were interested in a beast that we experienced in our lives."

Along similar lines, co-creator Sherri Cooper added that Beauty and the Beast will certainly have its share of action - the pilot featured a pair of attack scenes by the beast, although they are viewed from Kreuk's perspective and are therefore quick and blurry - won't be all about "twists and turns," but instead:

"What is emotionally going on with our characters."

Kreuk portrays Catherine Chandler on the series, a NYPD detective whose mother was killed nine years ago and whose life was saved by a mysterious creature. What was the transition to this character like, versus her beloved role of Lana on Smallville?

“At the end of Smallville, I felt like Lana was incredibly strong, really came into her own," the actress said. "So it’s cool because I get to start with Catherine. She’s got a certain strength and she’s also emotionally restricted in a way that Lana wasn’t. It’s a really good flip for me.”

We'll give Levin the final word on one of the CW's more promising new programs:

“There’s so many ingredients - romance, mythology, and the procedural element. We’re trying to figure out the right balance of those things. The pilot was quite dark.”

Beauty and the Beast premieres on October 11.

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