Breaking Bad Round Table: "Madrigal"

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Breaking Bad shined a spotlight squarely on Mike Ehrmantrout Sunday night, as "Madrigal" took us deeper inside the life of this security/hit man.

It was yet another classic episode of the most gripping show on television and Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Lisa Palmer and Dan Forcella are here to break down the installment...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The gun-drawn stare/scream-down between Mike and Lydia was tension personified. You truly didn't know what would happen and Lydia's plea for her daughter's peace of mind was positively heartbreaking.

Dan: My favorite scene was Jesse and Walt tearing apart the house. We knew what was going down so Walt's "What the hell is that?" was kind of funny, but Jesse had no idea what the man was up to. Then to cap it off with Jesse sobbing and apologizing to "Mr. White," made it that much better.  I love when he calls him Mr. White.

Lisa: I really enjoyed the entire episode from top to bottom because Mike is one of my favorite characters. I think the direction of the scene where he grabs Lydia around the side of the house was beautifully directed. Plus, immediately after that, we got to see Mike go against his original instincts because he knows the only chance he has to regain his money is by working with Walt and Jesse. And because he has a soft spot in his heart for kids (see Hungry Hungry Hippos scene). 

More disturbing scene: Walt comforting a crying Jesse or Walt cozying up to a crying Skyler in bed?
Matt: Both could so easily win that I'll choose a third instead: Walt cradling his baby daughter. At least in some ways, Jesse and Skyler have thrown themselves willingly into Walt's mess. But it's eerie to think of poor, innocent Holly's future if her dad continues down this path.

Dan: Oh, talk about Creepy McCreeperson. With each smooch on the shoulder I felt the vomit coming up and my insides ready to explode.

Lisa: Definitely Walt cozying up to a crying Skyler in bed. I watched through my fingers.

Should Mike have agreed to team up with Walt and Jesse?
Matt: Yes. We need his utterly dry wit and sarcasm to get us through this show's dark times. (Drink your hot water.)

Dan: Yes. He wants money for his granddaughter it seems. That's probably why he was involved with Gus in the first place. Now that she is no longer set for life, he needs to get back in the game to help her out. Will it work out? Probably not.

Lisa: For the purpose of my viewing pleasure, absolutely. But it won't end well. But nothing will on Breaking Bad... so there's that.

More surprising: The Madrigal executive killing himself, Hank still not suspecting Walt or Mike's poor play at Hungry Hungry Hippos?
Matt: We're forgetting the true shocker here... Mike's granddaughter is a total cheater! She used two Hungry Hungry Hippos instead of one, remember? I expect you to raise her better than that, Mike.

Dan: I believe you are referring to Mike's feigned poor play at Hungry Hungry Hippos. We know he could have won if he wanted. I'm not surprised that Hank hasn't figured it out yet, but that scene in which his boss is so upset that Gus Fring was right in front of his eyes could not have been better. As he explained the situation, we were able to stare straight into Hank's eyes, and by God if the wheels aren't starting to turn.

Lisa: I wasn't really surprised by any of those things. I think it's really easy for us to wish Hank would see what's there, but really, it's his nerdy brother-in-law who is just recovering from cancer. I would imagine that his boss's speech about Gus shook him up a little, but not necessarily enough for him to really start suspecting Walt.  

What do you think is Walt Jr.'s favorite cereal?
Matt: Special K. Gotta be something drug related.

Dan: Coco Pops because every time he's eating cereal I want to "pop" him in the face.

Lisa: Apple Jacks. For no particular reason.

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