Cassie Steele Teases The L.A. Complex as "Hilariously Sexual"

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The L.A. Complex hasn't been generating overly impressive ratings on The CW, but Cassie Steele is aiming to change that.

In my interview with the actress, she did her best to improve interest in the show, telling television fans why they ought to tune in:

“Boobs! There are boobs! It’s funny and there’s a lot of sex. It’s hilariously sexual.”

What can fans look forward to on tonight's installment of this wildly underrated primetime soap opera? Problems on the set of Saving Grace for Steel's Abby, the actress said.

"It’s going to get complicated when she gets work... as it always does.”

Things get complicated at work, but what about Abby’s relationship with Nick?

“Nick is neurotic and anxious and Abby is a little all over the place. They even each other out, but they don’t have a lot to relate to each other.” 

Sorrry, Nick and Abby shippers. It doesn't sound like you should get too caught up in their romance. The differences may outweigh the similarities in the end.

What about the portrayal of the Los Angeles entertainment industry? Is it accurate?

“I honestly think the show is spot on," Steele says. "If I haven’t experienced something like it myself, I know someone who has. I can relate to every single situation on The L.A. Complex.”

Steele is especially invested in Raquel’s emerging story: “She has a lot of bad luck right now. She’s still struggling trying to get on solid ground with her career. If you don’t keep riding that train, it’s very hard to keep moving.”

Stay tuned to see if Nick and Abby make it, if Abby manages to keep her Saving Grace job and if Raquel breaks her streak!

And, of course, for all the sex. 

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