Franklin & Bash Review: Love Is the Answer

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What was the question? Only Franklin and Bash can turn a guy beating three people to a pulp into a story of unrequited love.

Somehow "Voir Dire" had me feeling sorry for Sal, a two-time convict who slugged three people with a wrench. Yes, even as I write it, it makes little sense but where Franklin and Bash are concerned almost anything is possible.

I could understand the allure of a good plate of chicken and waffles but the boys blowing off their partner meeting surprised me. Skipping out on important meetings has its consequences, like getting volunteered for the crappy cases. In this case it served them right.

I missed Damien and Hanna this week. They felt underused in this story but Bonnie almost made up for it. 

Bonnie & Jared

When I saw Hanna's summer intern, I cringed. The idea of watching the boys drool over a trampy intern just wasn't appealing so I was happy to meet Bonnie. She was cute, smart and funny in a deadpan sort of way - and just nerdy enough to be believable.

Bonnie had a big heart but was tough enough to make her opinions heard even when the boys weren't sure they wanted to hear them.

And best of all she had some nice chemistry with Jared. They both loved the law and had daddy issues and something tells me if Bonnie took off those glasses and let her hair down we'd find a gorgeous girl underneath. 

I'm hoping Bonnie returns. I wouldn't mind seeing a relationship between her and Jared grow as she becomes more confident and they get to know one another.

This episode wasn't as much about the case itself as it was picking the jury for it. I've been to court and being on a Franklin and Bash jury looked like a lot more fun. 

Even choosing the jury looked like an event to which I'd want to be invited. When Bonnie asked if jury selection could be turned into a party, Jared answered her with this Franklin & Bash quote:

You can make a party out of anything. | permalink

It sounds like that should be their tag line. Every episode is a party. That's why I tune into Franklin & Bash.

Voir Dire Review

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