Homeland Season Premiere Scoop: Who is Smiling?

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As teased in the latest Homeland Season 2 trailer, the inside of Carrie Matheson's head can be a frightening place.

But Claire Danes said at yesterday's Television Critics Association panel that her ex-CIA agent will actually be in a "humbled" place when we see her again on September 30.

"She's suffering from a real crisis of conscience," said the Emmy nominee. "I think she has some suspicions that her [mental] condition was responsible for her genius."

Homeland Panel

How, exactly, does Carrie get back in to the action? When will she officially "get her mojo back," as Danes put it? I've seen the incredible season premiere, but I can only offer producer Alex Gansa's words as a tease:

"The whole episode was structured around someone who was very reluctant and reticent to get back involved... yet is pulled to do the work. And when she finds herself there, it invigorates her and she gets high on the action."

The title of the season premiere? The Smile.

Other tidbits, scoops and spoilers revealed during the Q&A session:

  • Brody may be in D.C. and he may have appeared in control to conclude Homeland Season 1, but Damian Lewis says differently: "He would like to think he's in control of his own destiny... He's more knowingly juggling balls this season, but essentially he's everybody's bitch. ... He's a suppurating sore that needs to be lanced at some point."
  • Saul and Carrie may have a complicated relationship, but the former will remain the latter's "conscience," Danes said.
  • Morena Baccarin previewed a newfound "strength" for Jessica in the nation's capital: "I think she's found this sense of purpose. But their relationship is incredibly complicated [after] finding out that Brody's been lying."
  • Yes, Danes is pregnant in real life, but that did not prove to be an obstacle during shooting - and "Carrie remains to be fervently non-pregnant," the star said.

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