Leverage Review: Season 5 Premiere

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Welcome back Nate and company, we have missed you. 

On the climatic Leverage Season 4 finale, both Victor and Latimer both got what they deserved, costing the Leverage team its base of operations in Boston and all of its previous created IDs.

So it was time to start over on "The (Very) Big Bird Job."

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And what a start it was! Let’s break down the changes that the opener offered us:

Welcome to Portland: As mention in our interview with Timothy Hutton, the team has moved to Portland, giving it a chance to use some cool new locations.

Dean Devlin and his team did a phenomenal job using the story to justify moving the team to the actual city the series has been shooting in for the last few seasons. They took full advantage of this right off the bat with the Evergreen Space and Aviation museum as the setting for this week’s con.

We Are Family: The team feels closer to one another. Hardison and Parker are officially dating, while Nate showed clear signs of his commitment to Sophie. 

Was anyone else surprised that Parker seem to have the least amount of trouble adjusting? I’m guessing that her relationship with Archie was such that they moved around a lot, which would make her the most likely person to not be attached to a place. That said, I was surprised how attached to Boston Sophie was. A big part of grifting is being on the move. Seems like she would also be prone to moving about.

A List Guest Stars: If our first guest star of the season, Cary Elwes, is any indication, we are going to see some great appearances this summer.

Elwes did a terrific job of channeling Howard Hughes. While Hardison’s ability to simulate him flying the Spruce Goose pushed the boundaries of believability, it was still a lot of fun watching him confess to killing a man after his lawyer told him not to say anything.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first offering of this season and can’t wait to see how things unfold with the secret that Nate and Hardison are keeping. I have no clues as to what they might be hiding. What do you think it could be?   

The (Very) Big Bird Job Review

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Leverage Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Eliot: Well, you just can't setup shop in the back of someone's restaurant.
Hardison: Of course not. That's why I bought the Microbrewery. What? No he didn't?
Parker: Yes, he did.
Hardison: We brew our own beer now.
Parker: Yeah, and we are calling it, Thief Juice. Tastes like bad guys.

Sophie: Excuse me, what is this place?
Hardison: Oh This? This is Leverage Inc. Portland branch, come on baby.