Lost Girl Review: War is Coming

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There is so much we don't know about the Fae world on Lost Girl.

"Barometz. Trick. Pressure" provided insight into both its history and future. In this case, it looks like history is set to repeat itself unless the unaligned Bo can stop it.

The Lost Girl

With the Blood Moon came important reveals. Trick has been full of mystery; we knew that he was the Blood King, but not much else. Through his visions, the consequences of his decisions during The Great Fae War were revealed. He used his blood to change fate and with that came delayed resolution.

Despite telling Trick she would leave The Ash alone, Bo broke into his place anyway. She ended up finding not one, but many, Lachlan heads in the trunk. When he confronted her, they had an awesome sword fight. Bo held her own against The Ash, that's for sure. In the end, he conceded to her, but she couldn't follow through and kill him. Bo passed his test; she proved compassionate with a moral code that her mother, Aife, was lacking. Bo earned Lachlan's trust and he brought her in on the dire future ahead.

Trick's vision and Lachlan's reveal aligned to provide a view of the coming battle. The Garuda are back. This creature feeds on the Fae's anger and rage. With the end of The Great Fae War, that source was decimated and the Garuda suffered. Trick used his blood to interrupt fate and the natural end to the war never came. Now, the war will pick up where it left off and The Ash wants Bo to lead the fight.

What will Trick and Dyson think of Bo teaming up with The Ash in this battle? I can't imagine they will be happy about it. And, what form will this war take? How do the Garuda and Fae fight? Lachlan is a Naga and his venom can kill the Garuda, but how does that work?

More often then not, Lauren has been a bore to watch. If she came back and started working on a way to replicate the Naga venom or use it to create a weapon, that would provide a purpose for her to be involved. And, perhaps add depth to her relationship with Bo.

I don't necessarily mind the Fae-in-crisis weekly stories, but I prefer when the show addresses the bigger Fae picture. This storyline should provide the avenue to give us more insight into this world and that is a good thing.

Odds and Ends

  • The shifter turning into Bo was freaky. And, her succubusing herself was just weird. But, it worked.
  • I don't trust Nate. I'm not sure why. Maybe because of the nature of the show, but there is just something too perfect about his re-entry into Kenzi's life.
  • Kenzi is set to go on the road with Nate. Please don't be gone too long. Bo needs Kenzi. But, also, don't have a crisis on the road that you need to be saved. That would be too predictable.
  • Hale's reaction to finding out that Trick was the Blood King was priceless. And, then that Bo knew and he didn't.
  • Dyson saying out loud that he couldn't love Ciara was no surprise, but it was comforting to know it was true.
  • Was that the goodbye between Bo and Kenzi? I hope not. It was a sad parting.

Barometz. Trick. Pressure Review

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