Sofie Vergara to Play Love Interest on Family Guy

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Sorry, Jay Pritchett. But your wife is about to make a move on another guy. A Family Guy, to be exact.

As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Sofie Vergara will lend her voice to an episode of the Fox sitcom this fall, coming on board as a fantasy love interest for Peter Griffin.

In one of the show's famous cutaways, the actress will play the love of Griffin's telenovela lothario. She will also take on a second role on that same installment: a woman selling roses in a restaurant who gets involved in with both Quagmire and Peter.


But that's not Vergara's only upcoming Fox role.

She will also appear on The Cleveland Show, voicing a character named Tia Sofia, who attempts to talk Cleveland into hosting a party for Cleveland Jr.’s 15th birthday.

No word yet on when these episodes will air, but you can browse around our Family Guy quotes section now and laugh and laugh and laugh...

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