Suits Round Table: "Discovery"

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Discoveries were made and storylines advanced on last week's enthralling episode of Suits.

Which scenes stood out to our Round Table team of Chandel Charles, Nick McHatton and Carla Day? What will Hardman do next? Read on for our panel's take and then, as always, sound off with your own...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chandel: Probably the moments that included Rachel and Harold. The library scene made it seem like Harold was just realizing how attractive she was, which was pretty entertaining. I think my favorite part had to be Rachel's stapler stash that he tried so hard to contribute to.

Carla: Donna discovering the document. That was a pivotal moment for her, Harvey, the firm and Tanner. Very intrigued to see what happens next.

Nick: Donna and Mike pretending to have sex in the file room. I love when the two of them share scenes because their chemistry is so fun and playful.

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Do you think Hardman will use the lawsuit against Harvey to attempt to take control of the firm?
Chandel: I'm starting to think so. All his emphasis on the firm being a place with outstanding ethics, apparently quarantined to the realm of the firm, and not one's personal life, combined with Harvey's apparently unethical conduct during a case makes it seem like Hardman poised to pounce on the inconsistency.

Carla: No. Perhaps, I'm falling for Hardman's manipulations (or maybe he really isn't all evil?), but he will protect the firm first.

Nick: No, he still hasn't amassed enough power within the firm to make any moves yet. Harvey and Jessica still hold all the cards, and right now he has nothing, except maybe Louis.

Poor Donna! Do you think she remembered signing that report and buried it like Tanner accused Harvey of doing, or do you think there is a story behind why it slipped through the cracks?
Chandel: I think there must be some story behind it. The preview for next week made it seem like Donna might plead protecting Harvey as a defense. During the episode, however, she it seemed the discovery was a complete surprise. So I'm not sure what to think.

Carla: I don't think it was an intentional oversight. In a way, that doesn't matter. It was there, someone made a mistake and they have to deal with it. Will Donna knowingly bury it now? Or, trust Harvey and tell him....

Nick: I think it was slipped in. Donna is far too loyal to Harvey to do something like that on purpose; Donna is Harvey's emotional rock.

What was your favorite Louis Litt moment of the week?
Chandel: Probably when he and Mike were all smiles when they thought they had resolved their case. They were having a total bro moment. Kind of fun to see.

Carla: Louis has done many morally questionable things, but I didn't expect him to use the dictaphone to spy on Harvey. Way to go, Louis!

Nick: Louis and Mike bonding and finding an understanding for each other, but Louis' need to have his nose in everything ends up backfiring for both of them.

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