The Bachelorette Review: Home Sweet Home

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Natalie Getz is a former Bachelor hopeful and the first-ever winner of Bachelor Pad.

In reviewing The Bachelorette for TV Fanatic she brings her unique experience of having been through this roller coaster ride, as well as her spot-on commentary on the men seeking Emily Maynard's heart.

Which of the guys shined most in this week's hometown dates?

Find out in Natalie's review of Episode Eight, using a breakdown of some of the best quotes heard throughout. Who got the boot and who's on to Curacao? Were The Bachelorette spoilers right? Read on ...


Emily and Chris: Sweet Home Chicago

Emily:  "Last time I saw you was in Prague and you were so upset.  I felt so bad for you.  I thought you pulling me aside was really sweet."  

Emily assures Chris how sweet it was of him to man up to his feelings.  

Chris's Dad:  "Chris is one of those kids who texts me everyday."  

He also talks to his mother everyday.  This is so important! The fact that Chris's family is super cool AND he is tight with them speaks volumes to his character.

Chris's Dad:  "What's important about a relationship, family and a marriage is not about what you have, but the love that you have for each other."

Chris's father has words of wisdom for Emily.

Chris's Sister Rene:  "I just ask, that if he is not the one, end it sooner rather than later instead of dragging it out."

WHY?!?!?!  If she drags it out, he could be the next bachelor and travel more!  Bad sister!  LOL she is actually in the right.  I'm just am ass who would rather travel a little more on ABC's dime, and then get dumped.  

Chris's Mom:  "If you want it, you gotta get in there, fight for it and kicks some ass!"

Chris's mom is so adorable as she gives her baby boy a pep talk :)

Bachelorette Emily

Emily and Jef: Urban Cowboy

Emily:  "I mean, who knew that Jef and his skinny jeans has such a good shot?"  

Emily is impressed the hipster, emo Jef can shoot a gun and hit a target.  

Emily:  "You better drive slow.  AGH!  You better drive safe!"

Jef doesn't listen to Emily as he races her through the many acres of land him family owns.  It's apparent after this date, Jef will never be poor.  

Emily:  "He is a little more country than he lets people know."

Ya think?  He is from Utah! Those aren't skinny jeans, they are rebelling jeans.  

Jef:  "This is a test.  You are on my turf now."

Mmmmm Hmmmmmm....take control, Jef!

Jef:  "I mean, what a way to impress Emily other than by hitting all of the clay pigeons?"

Little does Jef know that Emily is a member of the NRA and takes gun lessons.  She then hits every single clay pigeon.  

Jef:  "Emily looks so hot with a gun.  I just want her to hold a gun all day long."

Save it another week and you can use it as a toy in the fantasy suite.

Emily:  "If they don't like me, this could be the end of Jef and Emily."

Emily is concerned ever since Jef told her that he dumped the last girl he dated, because his family didn't like her.

Emily:  "I'm nervous that Jef's family won't like me.  They didn't like his ex girlfriend so he dumped her!  That puts a lot of pressure on me."

Emily:  "What's most important to me is giving Ricki a siblings, family and a dad.  If I find that with someone I'll go anywhere."

As Jef's sisters grill Emily, they ask her if she would move her and her daughter's entire lives to Utah.

Jef's Brother:  "Are you ready to fall in love and dedicate your life to her and her daughter?  I hate to say it, but I haven't seen that in you yet with any girl in the past."

Eh, well, that didn't go over very well.  

Jef:  "I love how you want a cute little family, hopefully with me."

Jef read Emily a list of reasons why he has fallen deeply and madly in love with her.  I may or may not have cried during this scene.  Damn it.  

Emily:  "I've never been to Utah in my entire life, but I felt like I was at home."  

I can almost put money on Emily choosing Jef in the end.  They just makes sense.  He is rich.    

Emily and Arie: My parents are going to hate you

Emily:  "Arie definitely looks (long pause) stupid hot."

You know who else is stupid hot?  Arie's father.  

Arie:  "Wait until you see my parents."

Arie warns Emily that his parents are hard to please.  

Emily:  "On that note, let's have a drink."

Arie informs Emily that his mom is the least open minded. Emily drinks heavily.

Emily:  "Arie's mom says something in Dutch and I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

Emily is uncomfortable with the Dutch chatting going on with Arie's entire family right in front of her face.

Arie:  "I'm ready to ask her for her hand in marriage. I'm definitely going to marry Emily."

Arie is confident!  He may have her libido, but Jef has her heart.

Emily and Sean:  Leave it to Beaver

Sean:  "I'm not going to allow a woman to give herself fully to me unless I know that I can give myself fully to her."  

Sean broke someones heart in the past and learned a huge lesson from it.  

Emily:  "I imagine Sean to have the perfect family.  The perfect house, perfect dog, perfect everything."

Annnnnddddddd she was right.  They had perfect everything including trimmed hedges.  

Emily:  "He's a mess and he's really into stuffed animals."

Sean plays a prank on Emily by telling her he lives at home.  

Sean:  "This is my room, I wish my mom would have picked up a little bit."

The prank continues as Sean shows Emily his disaster of a room.  

Sean's Dad:  "I do believe in love at first sight.  And, um, I'm starting to believe there is something magical going on here."

Sean's dad has very positive feelings about his son's future with Emily.  

Sean's Dad:  "We've had him for 28 years and you've had him for 2 months and had the ability to make him open up more than we ever could."

I just want to hug Sean's dad.  He is so stinkin' adorable!

Sean's Mom:  "I'm surprised!  I actually think you like her!"

Sean's mom tells him that she is impressed by his ability to express his feelings for Emily.  

Sean:  "That last kiss with Emily makes me realize that she knows exactly how I'm feeling."  

Sean pulled a Casanova move and ran after Emily's driver for another kiss good night.  Sigh....

Rose Ceremony: Poor, poor Chris. Every woman in America wants you now.  I feel awful for you.  

Chris:  "It's definitely hard to say goodbye to someone you love.  Everything seemed perfect.  You know, I loved the girl.  I thought she loved me back.  It's going to be weird waking up tomorrow and knowing I have no future with this girl.  I'm 10 times the man then all those f#@king dudes in there."

I totally dig Chris and have a feeling he made out like a bandit.  He is only 25, so not only did he dodge early fatherhood, but he went far enough in the process that every woman in America will be drooling over him. 

He just wrapped filming Bachelor Pad.  I can guarantee he is "in love."  He went straight from filming The Bachelorette to Bachelor Pad, so he was already in that produced, fall in fake love mode.  

Next week are fantasy suites!  Will Emily allow any of them men to be alone with her all night?  I hope she only does this with one guy so that it seems more real in the end.  See you all next week right here!

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