True Blood Round Table: "Hopeless"

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We did NOT see that death coming.

Russell Edgington made his presence very much felt on True Blood this Sunday, while Jason continued to dream of his parents and Sam sniffed around for some masked shooters.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Chris O'Hara and Leigh Raines are once again joined by Liz Henderson of as they break down various aspects of "Hopeless."


With Rikki stepping up and seconding Alcide’s motion to take over as pack master, do you think we have seen the last of his romantic involvement with Sookie for now?
Chris: I'm very excited at the prospect of Rikki (Kelly Overton) getting more screen time and loved seeing Alcide finally assert himself as the alpha. I think Alcide tries to fill the void left by Debbie by getting involved with Rikki, while Sookie looks like she is going to be up to her eyeballs in fairy drama.

Leigh: I think Alcide is a really independent guy so I was surprised to see that he was stepping up as pack master. However, I think he'll be a great leader and I'm also interested to see how he meshes with other members of the pack. That being said, he's been in love with Sookie so I don't think it's the end. Maybe Alcide will have two lovers this season?

Liz: I think we've seen the end of any sexual relationship between Alcide and Sookie, mostly because Sookie won't allow it anymore. She and Alcide got caught up in a moment that was interrupted and it will never happen again.

True Blood Round Table

Who do you think the vampire on the bridge was that killed Sookie and Jason’s parents that rainy night?
Chris: I have seen several screen caps of this scene and one from a future episode where Jason is seen in the rear view mirror as the same vampire stands in front of his car. This may be another dream sequence or reality. My guess though is that the culprit is Roman.

Leigh: Initially I thought Russell, but now I think Roman. Especially because Chris Meloni's slated to appear in more episodes. However, the photos made it look like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Seriously, a top hat in the 1990s?!?

Liz: No idea whatsoever. After this episode, I'm not sure about anything anymore.

Were you surprised none of the other Authority members came to Roman’s aid when Russell attacked him? Does this mean the rest of the Authority was in on the deception?
Chris: It didn’t really cross my mind at first, but someone alerted me to this odd fact in the comments following my review this week. I'm lead to believe that the rest of the members are in on the deception. In retrospect, I think the whole scene where Kibwe punched Russell for his blasphemous comments was staged... which also lends to the reason why he later did away with all the witnesses. I think “young” Alexander was framed or exposed to deflect attention from those who really were traitorous.

Leigh: Russell is old as dirt, I wouldn't wanna mess with him either! Plus, The Authority is crawling with traitors, Salome being number-one on my list.

Liz: I think that whole situation took everyone by surprise except Salome. There was no time for them to try rescuing Roman. They also may have expected Roman to win the fight because Russell was supposedly weakened by silver.

Have we seen the last of Christopher Meloni on True Blood?
Chris: I think Roman did meet the true death, but if my hunch about him being the Stackhouse murderer is right, we will probably continue to see him in flashbacks as Jason continues to uncover the truth about how his parents died.

Leigh: Nope. Refer to answer number-two. I also think Alan Ball knows that if you get Chris Meloni, you friggin utilize Chris Meloni!

Liz: Considering we just saw him melt away like an Indiana Jones movie villain, I'd say we've seen the last of him. Flashbacks may be all we get if anything. I'm not happy about that, though.

There was a slew of amazing True Blood quotes this week from a host of different characters. What was your favorite?
Chris: Eric’s line pertaining to a certain sexual act that Lilith could perform on him had me rolling. The racial undertones of Sam’s line to Andy about not knowing what it’s like to have people want to kill you just because of what you are was very interesting. For my money, though, the best quote was Russell’s “You're fu-king worse than humans. You might as well be praying to leprechauns or unicorns, or the mother fu-king Kardashians!”

Leigh: Jason in the field flipping out that the faeries took his "sissy" was pretty funny, but it obviously goes to Eric. "Lilith can f**king blow me." Deadpan perfection. His glamouring of Alcide was also pretty amusing.

Liz: Agreed, Chris. You might as well be prayin to leprechauns or unicorns...or m/fing Kardashians! Ah, Russell. He has some of the best lines!

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