True Blood Round Table: "In the Beginning"

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Godrick returned... and so did Lilith? Maybe?

Or was Nora just seeing things on Sunday's episode of True Blood?

That's just one question our Round Table team answers below, as TV Fanatic staff writers Chris O'Hara, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines and Liz Henderson of have gathered to breakdown "In the Beginning." Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chris: It was a tie for me. From a sentimental point of view, I really enjoyed the scene where Jason told Sookie he doesn’t blame her for what happened to their parents. We forget how hard it must have been on the two of them growing up the way they did, so I loved seeing the bond between them on full display. For pure comedic value, my vote goes to the way Russell sauntered onto the stage, microphone in hand and how he boo-hooed the mother for cutting off his duet with the new bride. If Denis O’Hare doesn’t walk away with some awards next year I will be shocked.

Jim: I loved watching Eric, Bill and the members of the Authority all high on ancient blood strolling down the street. When Eric started giving Bill a piggy-back ride I just about choked on the drink I was sipping. Too fun!

Liz: I think I have to say all the scenes with characters we haven't seen for some time: Jesus (in one piece), Bud Dearborn, Maryann, Coroner Spencer, Lettie May and Godric. It was also cool to watch Arlene and Terry's wedding video, giving us a look at something that happened while Sookie was in Fairie land.

Leigh: I have to go with Jim here. So on point. Nothing like ancient vampires tripping balls and rolling down Bourbon Street. Bill getting a piggyback from Eric was classic. They really went for that bromance this season, didn't they?

True Blood Round Table

More shocking development: Jason capping Jessica in the head, Lilith appearing or Hoyt joining a hate group?
Liz: I think I was more surprised at Jason shooting Jessica. He was so matter of fact and cold about it. They are so over. It's too bad because I liked the friendship that could have been.

Leigh: Was that really Lilith? I feel like they were just hallucinating really hardcore on her blood. Who knows. Anyway, my answer is Jason capping Jess in the head. That was intense and scary. I hope he doesn't join the hate group with Hoyt.

Chris: I’m with Liz on this one. Jason was so impulsive, it took me by surprise, but I felt his frustration. The only person he has to confide in other than Sookie is Jess. She wants to be there for him, but is too wrapped up in her own agenda at the moment.

Jim: For shock value, I agree with Chris and Liz: Jason shooting Jessica in the head to stop her feeding was pretty damn effective. While most relationships wouldn't survive a bullet to the head, I'm rooting for this one to be the exception!

If you were Sookie, would you want to be fairy-free?
Liz: With a bunch of crazy-ass vampires hopped up on ancient vampire blood, are you kidding? No way! Getting rid of her fairy powers will not make her life normal. There are too many vampires, shifters, werewolves and goodness knows what else in her life right now. She'd also lose her power to protect those close to her. This is kind of closing the bard door after the horses have been let out. Too late, Sookie!

Jim: Sookie is confusing "normal human" with "normal life" - unless she moves to another state, country or planet she will never have a normal life. But she could quickly find herself a powerless human who becomes just another tasty snack.

Leigh: If I were in Sookie's shoes, I'd probably see being fairy-free as the solution, yes. But realistically it's too late. While her slight fairy-ness might have originally attracted Bill and Eric to her, they already have an attachment and she is already enmeshed in their world. Being without powers now is just one less way to protect herself. The world around her is not going to get more "normal," might as well try and even up the playing field.

Chris: This is a tough one. I would want to maintain my powers to - like Liz said - help keep myself and those around me safe, but, man, knowing people’s thoughts all the time would prove maddening. Sookie really is a champ to be able to make light of her situation time and time again. She sort of gets lost in the shuffle sometimes I feel, but has really had a solid start to the season.

How awesome is Godric?!?
Liz: I love any scene where they bring him back. His influence always saves Eric from becoming just like Russell.

Jim: He had two lines. Okay. Fine. He's still awesome even with only two lines.

Leigh: Sorry, guys, Godric was great when we originally met him, but I feel like it's such a cop out to use him every time Eric needs some guidance. I get it, but I just didn't think it was necessary.

Chris: Great Godric’s ghost, how can you not like this guy?!? Some may feel like he is a sort of a downer, always popping up to ruin Eric’s fun - but Eric is capable of so much to just go along with the crowd. He’s a king. Maybe Godric’s ghost and Roman’s ghost make a joint appearance and help Eric to take out Russell.

Will Eric kill Nora?
Liz: Only if he can't save her. I think he'll try that first. But I see her just getting caught in a crossfire and meeting the true death that way.

Jim: With Godric instructions to save her, I think he will do everything he can to do just that. But in the end if that means the true death, Eric won't flinch.

Leigh: Probably at some point yes. I do not see Nora lasting much longer.

Chris: I think Nora will end up stepping in front of a wooden bullet or something to save Eric and you will have that classic scene where she apologizes to Eric for losing her way just as she dies. Then again... she just might go splat.

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