True Blood Round Table: "Somebody That I Used to Know"

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Is Bill really drinking The Authority Kool-Aid? Did Hoyt make the right decision in sparing Jess' life? What the heck should we make of Sam almost making out with... himself?

These are just a few of the topics tackled below, as True Blood Round Table members Matt Richenthal, Chris O'Hara, Leigh Raines, Jim Garner and Liz Henderson (of gather to breakdown "Somebody That I Used to Know." Won't you join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Sookie and that Warlo dude/visage in the bathroom. It takes a lot to surprise me on True Blood these days, I'm expecting the unexpected at this point. But I was absolutely taken aback by that moment and by the idea that Sookie has a connection with the vampire. Curious to see where it goes.

Chris: I have to go with Tara telling off the girl from her high school, Mrs. BMW in the Burbs. It was vintage Tara, who has fully gotten her swagger back and is embracing her newfound fangdom most fully now it seems. The capper was seeing how proud a maker Pam was at seeing the fire her progeny displayed - and I loved how she rewarded her in the end. (See the meme I made below.)

Leigh: Honestly, I gotta hand it to the shifters this week. When Luna shifted into Sam and walked out past Officer Doofy all sassy and told him to mind his own business, I was cracking up.

Jim: I enjoyed watching Lafayette start his 300 dollar side show seance and it turn into a very real communion with the dead Iraq woman. I'm pretty sure Holly and Arlene fully beleive Terry now.

Liz: Where Sam was holding Sam in his lap. Actually all the scenes with Sam and Suna were awesome. When he almost minced out of that hospital room, I about died. I know it's not the first time we've seen Sam Trammell in a "skinwalker" scene, but this was my favorite.

True Blood Round Table

Was Alcide and Rikki's sex scene the hottest in show history?
Matt: Yes, by about as many miles as Alcide could throw his new lover. It wasn't just the nudity, the growing or the many positions, it was how it came out of nowhere. Viewers were just thrust - pun fully intended - directly into the naked action.

Chris: While I loved the snarling and seeing what a reciprocal lover Alcide could be, nothing beats Jessica and Jason’s flatbed fornication in my book.

Leigh: Ummm... that scene sorta left me speechless. Joe Manganiello is the fire. There were a couple great sex scenes over the years, but I'll put it in my top three for sure.

Jim: Everyone in the room I was watching it with went "WOW" when the scene first opened, then Alcide lobbed her on to the bed like she weighed nothing and we all did it again.. Pretty damn hot. I like how they managed to have sex without destroying anything, a nice touch over most vamps we have seen.

Liz: I'm sure it's what Eric/Sookie fans wish would have happened last season, and it was hot, but being that we were basically watching two animals having sex it didn't really move me at all.

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Has Bill really become a true believer?
Matt: I wanna say no, and the likely answer is no, but he ended up killing a perfectly innocent mother along with Salome. Was he in fear of his life at the time? Probably. But once you cross that line, it could be difficult to go back.

Chris: I'm pretty sure Bill's idea to blow up the Tru-Blood factories is part of a master plan he has devised to free the world of vampires altogether. Salome tried to push his buttons when she asked him why he didn't turn his children if he loved them so much. Bill has always been the most reluctant vampire on the show, as we saw once again in the flashback where he told his daughter immortality is a curse. With all the Tru-Blood gone the governments of the world will have to take action to stop the murdering of innocents. I hope the first to go is that psychopath Nigel.

Leigh: I think Bill realizes he can't beat the Authority and feels like ridding the world of vampires and self-destructing is the answer. He knows his idea will cause chaos.

Jim: I think he's pretending. He knows he needs to be very close to end this thing without thousands of deaths. Eric working as a distraction should buy him the time he needs.

Liz: I don't think so. I think he is setting up the Authority for a major take down. Bill is a strategist and he does it well. It's what made him a good King and it's what will save the world from the crazies.

Sam on Sam action: WTH or LOL?
Matt: I may be one of the few on the WTH side. It just seemed like a forced way to garner a few laughs and looks of confusion.

Chris: LOL and then some. The scene where Luna walked out her hospital room looking like Sam, sassed “Officer Doofy” and stole some guy's Free Mustache Rides sweatshirt had me in stitches.

Leigh: Trippy and hilarious. Oddly, I really enjoyed it.

Jim: Both! I was so afraid he was going to lip-lock with himself when they were on the couch. And I have to ask, Why does EVERYONE become Sam? First Tommy, now Luna.

Liz: See my answer to #1.

Should Hoyt have shot Jessica?
Matt: Clearly not, considering she's the best character on True Blood. But talk about a shocking moment if he had done so! My complaint for years has been that the series never actually kills anyone off. So I'm glad it wasn't Jessica in this case - and I'm very glad Hoyt cursed her off afterward, you can hate someone and still not want them dead - but some main character has to eat it one of these days.

Liz: No! I love watching Jessica mature. She still has a way to go but she's come so far in such a short time that I want to see more. Hoyt needed the closure on their relationship so that he can move on in a more normal way (hopefully). He got to tell Jessica exactly what was on his mind, to her face. How many that have gone through breakups can actually say that? I think that when these two spend time apart, it will be healthier for them and they can come together again in the future in a way that will make the relationship stick.

Jim: No, he did the right thing. She may not be in love with him anymore but she does care about him very much and he will heal. Killing her would have taking him a direction he would never want to go.

Leigh: No. Hoyt should go to therapy because he's got major issues right now. Dump the eyeliner, hate group and ex girlfriend and get a shrink or hobby. Or go smoke a blunt with Lafayette. Whatever he does it needs to be far from the world he is currently in.

Chris: Most certainly not! I’m with Liz and Leigh and I think most anyone who watches the show. I hope Bill tells Jessica to hit up Costco and stock the eff up on Tru-Blood because I do not want to see anything happen to her.

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Sookie: Jason are you ok?
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