Wilfred Review: Are You Not Entertained?

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Wilfred continued its strong second season with an episode that obviously made us laugh, but it also contained a number of sincere moments that allowed viewers to seriously root for Ryan Newman's success.

Whether it was wanting him to build up the courage to stand up to his boss, and in some way his father, or wanting him and new love interest Amanda to build on their budding relationship, fans had plenty of avenues to get behind Ryan in "Dignity."

Break Dancing Wilfred

The shipper in me was much more interested in seeing Ryan and Amanda get to an actual date.While a drink at happy hour will have to suffice for the time being, the chemistry between these two is pouring out so profusely that it will surely be no time before we get to watch them huff keyboard cleaner together.

Maybe it's just the radiating charm of Allison Mack (I've never seen Smallville so I'm not all that familiar with her previous work), but this coupling seems much more natural than Ryan and Jenna. Jenna is awesome, and so is Fiona Gubelmann for that matter, but it never seemed to click like Rymanda has in the past couple of episodes.

Things should certainly get interesting when both Jenna and Amanda are in the mix, but if Ryan sees things clearly - yes I know he rarely does - he'll realize that the sarcastic sex addict is a much better fit for him than the sweet girl next door.

While I was getting caught up in the romance of it all, there was actually an entire 21 minutes of comedy going on during "Dignity." Last week Wilfred played the idolizing little brother, and this week he took his turn as upstart stand-up comedian.

And like so many things that Wilfred does so well, this story really only works because of the show's particular circumstances, and the writers' abilities to use those circumstances to their advantage.

A subpar comic that hits it big due to novelty on his first time out, but then loses it quickly, is actually a plot I could see a regular sitcom trying to pull off. It would be terrible. Wilfred, on the other hand, used this idea perfectly as everything can be tied back to the fact that this guy is indeed a dog that can not actually be heard by his audience!

Since it's Wilfred, you get moments like the dog explaining his "what's that sound?" bit to a bunch of birds in the park, or him then referencing Lassie as someone who used the sad, droopy dog eyes way back in 1955, referring to it as "hack."

My favorite, though, was what happened after the brain trust of Wilfred, Ryan, and Bear came up with the "bag on my head and I can't get it off" bit for the comeback tour.

Wilfred trying to get people's attention for his new bit was perfect because that's exactly the type of thing you see when a subpar comic or speaker is up on stage. Only in this case, the office workers couldn't actually hear anyone trying to get their attention!

The dog's "Do I come into your place of business and interrupt you when you're working?" was just fantastic. Yes, that is exactly what you've been doing for the past three days Wilfred.

In the end, Wilfred did help Ryan out yet again. Ryan got angry enough to confront his boss, which led to Wilfred getting angry about all of the "tail to head" rubbing and charging in on Jeremy getting some under-the-desk action. It all led to Ryan demanding a week off from work, which I don't doubt will be spent getting high with his neighbor's dog in a coat closet.

Some other highlights from "Dignity"

  • Whoever is writing Wilfred's analogies needs a raise: So you're just going to leave me in that thing? Like some guy caged up like some animal?
  • Jeremy going from hard ass boss to doggy cuddler in a span of two seconds.
  • Amanda grabbing Ryan's hand was a happy hour indeed!
  • Rob Riggle's character getting annoyed at Wilfred knocking over the water cooler because he "just had a salty lunch."
  • One of the comedy ideas Wilfred wrote on an index card: bark at black employee.
  • Ryan pretending he heard Bear's pitch, but unfortunately he interrupted the stuffed animal.

Check out all of the best lines of the night in our Wilfred quotes section. Let us know what you thought of the episode, and what YOUR favorite moments were in the comments.  

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Dignity Review

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So you're just going to leave me in that thing? Like some guy caged up like some animal?


One man's trash is another man's feng shui. That's why I left that pool of yellow water by the southeast door.