Wilfred Review: Live In The Now!

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Wilfred seemed to cover the entire spectrum of emotions, while Jason Gann played each one of them perfectly in this week's episode of Wilfred. Ryan, on the other hand, went from constantly looking towards the future to caring much more about the here and "Now."

I've written about the different characters Wilfred has seemingly taken on this season (idolizing little brother, stand-up comic, etc.), but this time the dog didn't stick to one shtick. He was ever changing, and it was fascinating to watch.

Wilfred Can't Smell

First he just wanted to live in the now, smelling every gross thing within reach of his nostrils. He then lost his smell due to a trauma, and couldn't handle those pesky thoughts messing around in his brain. Once he figured out how to channel those new thoughts, Wilfred became a book reading intellectual.

No, not the books you’re thinking of. You know the ones. The books with pictures...that move...and have sound...and have Matt Damon in them...and in the middle of the movie Matt Damon is like (makes gun noises). Not that kind of book.

Wilfred actually began reading about the world, and it immediately made him upset. There was too much injustice and he wanted to do something to stop it. When his attempt to prevent the investors from destroying the dog park failed, he went into a major rut.

This dark and saddened Wilfred was probably my favorite of the night. Seeing him question the basis of everything in the world, and carefully playing sad music every time he needed to make a point, was absolutely fantastic.

Finally, he turned to emo suicidal Wilfred, and he actually attempted to kill himself. Think about that for a second. If Wilfred is in fact a figment of Ryan's imagination, what does it say about the man that his hallucination is attempting suicide? Strange.

It might have taken a long journey through a multitude of personas, but Wilfred finally got Ryan to live in the "Now" by the end of the half hour. To be honest, Ryan's heartfelt plea to Wilfred to stay alive and his admission of love for the dog, was one of the tenderest moments I've seen in a while. Great stuff from Elijah Wood.

With as perfect of a first four episodes that you might see in all of 2012, there had to be a drop off at some point, and this was it for me. Still very good in its own right, but the fifth installment of Wilfred's second season just didn't have as many all out laughs as its predecessors.

What did you all think of "Now?" After heading to our Wilfred quotes section for all the best lines of the night, check out a few below and then weigh in on the episode in the comments!

Wilfred: I've heard of trauma causing blindness, like when Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles walked in on each other masturbating. | permalink
Wilfred: So when Jenna leaves the house and I can't see her anymore, she doesn't cease to exist, she's just somewhere else? No, no, no, no. That's just crazy. | permalink
Wilfred: There's darkness everywhere Ryan. You just can't see because the sun is such an attention whore. | permalink
Kevin: Warner's gonna join us whenever he feels like it. That's one of the things about being rich; you get to treat everybody else like s**t. I can't wait. | permalink

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