Awkward Exclusive: Nikki Deloach on Redemption, Reveals and Letter Writing

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Nikki Deloach portrays everyone's favorite Awkward mother, Lacey.

In our exclusive interview, the actress spoke on Lacey’s relationship with Jenna and Kevin; the emotional arc for her character on Awkward Season 2; which team she cheers on; and she offered a few hints about what’s to come…

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Even with the knowledge of the letter now out in the open Lacey and Jenna’s relationship seems even stronger now. Are you happy about that? Will it continue for the remainder of the season?
“Sometimes in life things happen and at the moment you think it’s a bad thing. Sometimes things you don’t want to be uncovered are, but it actually brings you closer together in the end. So much of Jenna and Lacey’s lives are up in the air right now and they have to cling to each other. So when Kevin left it was a wake up call for Lacey and she had to become the mother Jenna needed.”

If last season was about Lacey processing her grief over the letter what’s Lacey’s emotional arc this season?
“Lacey’s arc this season is about redemption. Redemption as a mother and a human being and a wife.” Nikki can’t wait to hear our thoughts on Lacey by the end of the season, and Lauren did such an amazing job writing it. Particularly, Nikki hopes after episode 10 airs we will “fall in love with her character.”

Something I never saw coming was the unexpected friendship developed between Val and Lacey. What’s your take on that?
"It’s a beautiful combination of writing and acting. Valerie is the kind of character that you can take over the top, yet [Desi Lydic] can deliver the lines in a grounded way too….

"Valerie operates as though she thinks she is the most popular girl in high school, and Lacey was, so Lacey’s trying to find a way back in to that and that’s through her daughter and Valerie.”

All of our readers make sure we ask this question: Team Matty or Team Jake? Or maybe I should ask if you’re on Team Ben or Team Kevin?
"I’m on Team Matty. Lacey chose her Matty, and if there is one piece of advice Lacey gives Jenna it would be go with your heart. I can’t help but look at Jenna and Matty and go with them. Although Kris Polaha certainly makes it hard at times to be Team Matty.”

Here’s another reader question: any clues about the anonymous blogger?
"The reveal is amazing. It’s completely unexpected.”

Who is Lacey’s emotional rock?
“It’s very interesting because my first instinct would be to say Jenna. Kevin has been there at all times for her in the past few years, and he has been an amazing husband, but prior to that he walked out many times. So making sure her daughter is okay, that she’s there for her, and even though she can be misguided with her, her heart is always there. And so I would definitely say Jenna is Lacey’s rock.”

Finally, is there anything else you think we should look out for with Lacey as we head towards the season finale?
Nikki says we will finally find out why Lacey wrote the letter: “It’s a very amazing scene with Lacey and Jenna. I hope people after that will have a better understanding of why she wrote it and where she was coming from.”

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