Burn Notice Round Table: "Official Business"

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Burn Notice got down to "Official Business" a week before its summer finale.

What did our Round Table team of Jim Garner, Miranda Wicker, Chandel Charles, Carla Day, Christine Orlando (from TV Fanatic) and Steven (from Burn Notice Fanatic) think of this run's penultimate installment? Good question! Find out below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: The only thing that stood out for me was Sam behind Michael as he was yelling "who is Tyler Gray!" For some reason I had a Fight Club "Tyler Durden" flashback.

Miranda: Michael blowing up the van to give Fiona time to get out. I love that he made the bumbling CIA agents bumble even more.

Steven: It was hilarious seeing Manaro and Bailey's reactions to the company van explosion. I was hoping Michael would wack the two babbling idiots.

Chandel: Probably Fiona forcing the girlfriend to show her cards by telling them to cut the wrong wires. It was genius, especially in the midst of such and intense moment.

Christine:  When it finally sunk in for Manaro and Bailey that the girlfriend had played them.  It must have taken a lot of self control for Michael not to slap them.

Carla: When Fiona and her gal pal talked their way out of trouble by suggesting a threesome. Quick thinking and Fiona really sold it.

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Fiona and the CIA being double-crossed by the girlfriend: Called It or Didn't See It Coming?
Jim: Honestly didn't see it coming. Angela did such a good job of being nervous and scared that I was completely shocked when she pulled the gun.

Miranda: Didn't see it coming at all! I'm so used to them having a "client of the week" that genuinely needs help that I never thought the girlfriend was the one they should want to stop.

Steven: She really played them well. The hyperventilation and uncertainty blinded me from the start.

Chandel: She was acting pretty nervous and awkward the whole time, so I should have seen that coming. I will admit, however, that I did not.

Christine:  No, it was a great twist and she totally fooled me.  Like Miranda said it came across as just another client of the week. Well done.

Carla: Didn't see it coming at all. Very good twist, Burn Notice writers.

Do you think this is the last time the CIA will call on Fiona for help?
Jim: I hope it's the last time these two chuckleheads come calling for her. With Pearce gone, maybe we will get a new sharp, male handler for Fiona.

Miranda: First, how did those two get a job with the CIA? I hope it's the last time THEY need her help, but I doubt it's the last time the CIA will need her help.

Steven: Seeing if the two knuckleheads honor Fiona's request to shred the agreement, I'm certain we won't be seeing them anytime soon.

Chandel: I think that it won't be these two morons who will call on her again, I believe it will be someone with more brains and a higher security clearance.

Christine:  I think they're probably done but I sort of hope we aren't. These two are such idiots that they are entertaining to watch.

Carla: Well, technically, Michael is part of the CIA and he is always calling on Fiona to help, right? But others from the CIA, perhaps, yet not as a condition of her release from prison.

Just how many vacation days does Jesse have left?
Jim: He's on vacation? I thought he had quit. In California not showing up for work for three days counts as quitting. Maybe he has quit and doesn't know it.

Miranda: I don't know, but I want whatever job he's got. High enough salary to drive a smokin' hot car AND you never have to go? Sign me up.

Steven: If he hasn't quit, I would assume he's already into his sick leave and bereavement. Helping Michael is a serious full-time job.

Chandel: Who's counting?

Christine: I'm with Miranda again. I want Jesse's job. Maybe he gets really flexible hours and is able to pretend to work from home but Michael needs to start paying him a commission because this can't last forever.

Carla: He must be on the same work plan as Gus on Psych, though with a better pay scale since his car is worth quite a few Blueberries.

Who IS the mysterious Tyler Gray?
Jim: Tyler is Michael's unfulfilled vengeance! (I said I had a Fight Club flashback, remember.)

Miranda: Somehow, he's related to Rebecca. I can feel it.

Steven: Officially the first one on Mike's "shoot-to-kill" list. I have a feeling the summer season might end with his presence.

Chandel: Clearly the personal responsible for Nate's death. Why he's involved is a whole other matter. I'm willing to take the ride until they figure it out.

Christine:  Any chance it's Rebecca's long lost brother?  Either way, Tyler Gray now has a target on his back and Michael's headed his way.

Carla: Michael Westen's next mission. Tyler Gray better be watching his back, because Michael's coming for him.

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Burn Notice Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Michael: Fi, how does a weekend in South Carolina sound? It's not Paris, but there will be lots of guns.
Fiona: Sounds lovely.

Michael: Do you think your girlfriend can loan me some items to look the part?
Sam: I hate this plan already.