Dallas Round Table: "Family Business"

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The penultimate episode of Dallas' first season, "Family Business," featured the Ewing family scrambling, as old alliances were tested, new ones were forged and several lives were on the line.

TV Fanatic staffers Christine Orlando and Sean McKenna are joined in this Round Table edition by Mason and Melanie from the SoapChat Dallas Fan Forum as they debate who will live, who will die... and who better start to fight dirty.

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What was your favorite scene?
Melanie: Sue Ellen giving JR a good bitch slap (can I say bitch slap?) and telling him that he did indeed have nothing. He always likes to ramble about how he's "back and better than ever" and like Sue Ellen, all I hear is "blah, blah, blah." A close second is the whole montage at the end with "The Man Comes Around."

Sean: Elena telling John Ross about Bobby's cancer. I love how honest she was with him.

Mason: I really loved when Sue Ellen slapped JR and tells him off for his part in the plot to get Southfork and for getting John Ross in so much trouble. The way she stormed inside after she found out he was at Southfork, you just knew there was going to be fireworks and thankfully it didn't disappoint.

Christine: Ann kicking J.R. out of Bobby's room. "Don't you darlin' me!" It was great to see someone kick J.R.'s butt. J.R. best watch himself. Wife #3 might just shoot him.

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Bobby going home: stupid or understandable?
Melanie: This is two-fold.  Stupid, yes, because he needed the immediate surgery for the best chance at survival and he's stubborn. But on the other hand, if you have to have an aneurysm, I guess your home is as good a place as any.

Sean: Maybe a bit of both, but I do understand it. Bobby just wants to do things on his terms... bad move this time.

Mason: Both stupid and understandable! It was stupid because he was going against doctor's orders (and you just knew when the doctor warned him what could happen that it would in fact happen) but at the same time, I totally get why he wanted to be back at home, in the comfort of his own bed, surrounded by family and the ranch he loves.

Christine: I guess we're all in agreement. Bobby is a stubborn Ewing man but if he thinks this might be the end, he wants his last days to be on Southfork, not in a hospital.

Is Ewing Energies a brilliant idea or a disaster in the making?
Melanie: Brilliant. John Ross has a tad bit more humility than his father.  I think they'll be able to make it work for the sake of becoming number one in the business again, but this family is never completely without disaster.

Sean: I think it's too soon to tell but it's certainly ambitious. However, knowing the Ewing family, there's no way things will go smoothly for long.

Mason: I think it's a brilliant idea on the part of the writers. The old series had lots of big business and wheeling & dealing. I think the next evolution for this show is to bring that side (the business side) of the Ewings in it. No doubt JR and Bobby will be on the sidelines with plenty of advice for each of their boys.

Christine: I love it! Ewing Oil was such a huge part of the original series that I can't wait to see how Ewing Energies fits in. Season two will hopefully be filled with John Ross, Christopher, Elena, and Bobby all trying to work together and J.R. trying to weasel his way in.

How should Sue Ellen handle Harris' blackmail?
Melanie: Surely Ann knows something dastardly about him?  And how did she get the info on the medical examiner anyway? Come on, Sue Ellen, you learned at the feet of the master!  Fight dirty!

Sean: Blackmail is a tricky situation and I hope she finds a way to get out of it. Maybe she'll go to J.R. for help?

Mason: It's a tough one. Sue Ellen is currently thinking in very black and white terms. She either has to stay completely honest for the sake of her political career, or she has to do what Ryland does and play dirty (which she learnt how to do when she was married to JR). I think she needs to embrace her bad side and get some dirt of Ryland, or she needs to get JR to do it for her (which I bet is what happens).

Christine: Oh, Sue Ellen needs to take a page from J.R.'s playbook and crush Ryland like a bug. I believe she can do it if she puts her mind to it.  She's learned at the feet of the master.

Bobby, Tommy, Rebecca? Who lives? Who dies?
Melanie: My fingers are crossed that Rebecca fired one good round at Tommy to at least incapacitate him. Ann is going to pull back the curtain in the ICU and Bobby is going to sit up in bed and say "good morning."

Sean: I bet Tommy was shot. So many people hang in the balance that that's what I love about this show. There's so many different directions it can head and I can't wait to see what happens in the finale.

Mason: I think probably Tommy dies. There's so much about Rebecca I'm dying to find out. I think her being a bit shady is a good thing, but I also think her having Christopher's kids is gonna bring so much more drama to the series because it will forever tie him to a shady character. And they can't kill Bobby off. We don't need another dream season! ;)

Christine: For Rebecca's sake, I hope Tommy is dead. It wouldn't surprise me if the twins end up in jeopardy which will only bring Rebecca and Christopher closer. And Bobby better be just fine. I cried the first time they killed him off!

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