Dallas Round Table: "Revelations"

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The Dallas season finale featured a great number of twists and turns. But our Round Table team followed along and can't wait to relive the fun.

Below, TV Fanatic staffers Christine Orlando and Sean McKenna are joined by Helen and James from the Soap Chat Dallas Fan Forum to debate who figured out Rebecca's true identity first and who Elena truly belongs with.

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What was your favorite scene?
Helen: VERY unfair question. It's so hard. Let's go with a threeway tie: John Ross & Elena heartbreaking scene, Cliff and Rebecca and the final scene between JR and John Ross.

James: My favorite scene was with Anne and Ryland and what he thought she was doing and what she was really doing.

Sean: Favorite scene? What about the whole episode! Okay, I guess I'd have to say J.R. at his brother's side. I love that sincerity especially from a character that is so often rooted in villainy. What a great moment.

Christine: For me it was John Ross begging Elena for a second chance. He so desperately wants to be a better man for her. I really felt his heartache.

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Rebecca being Cliff's daughter. Did you see it coming?
Helen: Like many suspected, I thought she was someone's child. However, when she got happy over the Chinese food, I started screaming at my TV/. OMG, she's Cliff's kid!!!

James:  I do not think Rebecca being Cliff's daughter was that surprising and many people were able to figure that out just based on her name. I was one of them.

Sean: Not at all. I was shocked and it makes a lot more sense than just simple cons. Cliff is never going to leave.

Christine: I did remember that Cliff had a daughter but since I only remembered her first name being Pamela (her middle name is Rebecca), I didn't see it coming. But the moment of the reveal I had to laugh at her love of Chinese food.  It was a great Easter egg for fans of the original show.

Elena with Christopher? Elena with John Ross? Who should she choose?
Helen: Hands down, I loved Elena with John Ross. Chris is too wishy washy.  She should have chose JR3.

James: Elena should be with Christopher and always should have been and would have been but for Rebecca's (and Cliff's) deception.

Sean: John Ross. He may have that devious side like his Dad, but, well, I just like him more than Christopher.

Christine: James is out voted here. I understand why they had Elena go back to Christopher since they were broken up by outside forces but I'm rooting that she eventually reunites with John Ross. They have way more chemistry and are a lot more fun.

Vicente or Ryland: Who is more evil and which do you want to see return?
Helen: You would think Vicente because he killed someone and beat up John Ross. It's all about business with him. But Ryland - with both Ann and Sue Ellen - was totally sinister and slimy. So... Ryland.

James: I thought the Ryland character was more interesting and the Vicente character was a cliche I think we will see both return and both get developed further but if I have to pick one it is Ryland.

Sean: Both. It'd be great to see not just one problem, but multiple people getting their fingers into the Ewing story.

Christine: Definitely Ryland. He was just so sleazy. From handing Sue Ellen a bottle to thinking he was going to get a little with Ann, I'd like to see everybody get the chance to punch Ryland.

What do you hope to see most in season two?
Helen: Clear winner: the fight over Ewing Energies is going to be a hot mess. I can see endless possibilities with that storyline... so many characters will get drawn into that fun. Plusm as always for me, I want to see more JR and Sue Ellen scenes.

James: I hope to see more Ewing Oil, Breakfast by the pool, shoves into the pool and more family dinners after drinks. I guess it goes without saying that I am a fan of the original show but I seem to be in the minority in that I don't care either way if Pam returns.

Sean: Honestly, this was a very well done and highly entertaining season that I hope it falls along a lot of the same. Not rehashed stories mind you, but the great pace, mixing up of characters, and jaw dropping cliffhangers and twists. You know that everything can only get more complicated for everyone and I, for one, can not wait.

Christine: Now that everyone is at each other's throats again, Ewing Energies should be just as much fun as the old Ewing Oil. But I'm with James on this one, I'd like to see more family scenes at Southfork. The old family dinners and drinks were great fun. I can only imagine that this cast would be equally entertaining.

Dallas returns for Season 2 in January 2013. Will you be watching?

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Christopher: Old Ewing Oil space?
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