Lost Girl Review: Verbal Apology #85

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Bo and Ryan married? Say it ain't so! We all know she belongs with either Dyson or Lauren, right? Or, both. She is a succubus after all.

At first glance, "Fae-nted Love" appeared to be a standalone episode that not only didn't deal with the Garuda problem, but also didn't provide insight into the greater Fae world. Generally, those throwaway episodes are my least favorite.

Bo's NIght Goes Wrong

Instead, we got a hidden gem tonight. The Garuda were simply mentioned in passing, Lauren, Nadia, and Hale were all absent, but we were given a previously unseen glimpse into Bo's powers, feelings, and priorities. Plus, after weeks of annoying wolf angst, Dyson finally made a move.

The Lost Girl writers got me. Until Ryan woke up from Trick's ritual, I thought he was in full control of his actions and was using Bo's memory loss to con her into getting married. He's always been a bit shady, so it fit that he would fall for Bo and being Dark Fae use the circumstance to his advantage.

On my second watch of the episode, the shift from self-confident sex buddy to clingy lover was clear. He wanted to cuddle, then sent her adorable presents. Not the Ryan we had gotten to know. I'm glad that I was fooled though, the marriage story wouldn't have felt as authentic knowing that he was also under a spell.

The combination of the "love potion" type theme with Bo's lost memories turned what could have been two separate and unoriginal stories into one that was unique and compelling. Bo's attraction to the dress girl showed us what she must have felt like before she knew she was a succubus. Her unrestrained sexual feelings for another would have been as confusing to her then as they were before her wedding. How could she have a normal relationship with someone, if those feelings pop up.

Even though she quickly dismissed Dyson as a healing partner earlier, when she started to get her memory back she remembered Kenzi, Trick and then Dyson.  It's intriguing that she didn't remember Lauren, not even when the older dress lady asked if she needed a doctor.

Since she was just getting her memory back, it could be simply that Kenzi, Trick and Dyson have been her core support circle, so she remembered them together. Lauren has always been on the outside of that familial group and is even more so now with Nadia back in the picture. Regardless of the reason, it's worthy of consideration given Bo's complicated relationships.

Even though Ryan wasn't himself when he tried to get Bo to marry him, the two of them decided to part ways. For Bo's relationships with her friends to remain strong, she had to end her's with Ryan. Kenzi would never have forgiven Bo if she stayed with the Dark Fae Ryan after all the lies. It took 85 apologies as it was! Given Bo's unaligned status, I expect that she will need his help in the future and we will see him again. I hope so anyway.

Bo's blood spell on Ryan shed new light on the extent of her powers. We know she can lure people to do her bidding through her enticing touch, but now she knows how to control people on a permanent basis. Will she use it to her advantage? Or, will she avoid it after witnessing how her mother used it? Most importantly, is it an ability that could help fight the Garuda?

Bo wasn't the only one who learned more about herself. Dyson's interrogation of Under Fae, Acher, was turned around on him. The angst-filled wolf had his tortured soul thrown at him, but fortunately Dyson fought the negativity. Acher wanted Dyson to kill himself, but instead, Dyson got the confession he was after and a desire to live.

There wasn't any indication that The Ash asked Dyson to do the job in order to help him psychologically, but that was the result. Dyson took off on his motorcycle to find himself. And, while he's on his journey, let's hope he finds a way to undo his deal with the Norn. Or, at least come to terms with it. I miss his relationships with the others, especially with Kenzi.

There are only four episodes left this season, but there is much to be concluded, such as: the battle with the Garuda including Nadia's possession, Bo getting answers from Trick, Dyson being cured of his depression, and the end of the awkwardness between Lauren and Bo.

What else would you like to see resolved by the season two finale?

Fae-nted Love Review

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