New Bones Season 8 Promo: I Knew You'd Come!

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A new promo for the upcoming season premiere of Bones offers some new clips and clues as to what's to come. Like the first Bones Season 8 promo, it also shows us plenty of blonde Brennan.

One of TV's most beloved couples clearly has its work cut out for it in the wake of this latest obstacle, but something tells us they'll be able to pick up the pieces. Love can conquer a great deal.

Watch the moment when Brennan and Booth reunite for the first time in months below:

In "The Future in the Past," Brennan's dad (Ryan O'Neal) helps her hide from the FBI, while Booth and Co. begin to suspect that evil tech genius Pelant (Andrew Leeds) manipulated evidence to implicate her.

Bones returns Monday, September 17. What do you think will happen? Comment below!

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