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It was all about man's best friend tonight on Royal Pains. From a dog named Stanley to a bunny named Ronnie, "Manimal" didn't fail to entertain and inform us on a variety of subjects.

Hank Works At Boris' Summit

Let's start with Stanley, the hard-sought solution to Dmitri's stubbornness about treating his diabetes. It was no surprise that Dmitri would be so resistant to treatment, given not only his political stature, but also the fact that no one wants to be stuck with a needle or other device without it being a complete necessity.

I have to say, I'm glad they came to a conclusion on the issue, as I don't think another week of Dmitri's medical issues would play very well. It was already risking being way too drawn out. Props for letting go before things became boring or repetitive.

One aspect of tonight's episode that was anything but boring was Paul Van Dyke's left-field story line involving Ronnie, not a former love over which he turned to drink, but a bunny who he loved dearly and, I must say, almost inexplicably.

While I appreciated the sincere attempt to make Van Dyke more human and accessible, I think this pushed the pendulum in the complete opposite direction prematurely.

I say that is because of the impact that his indiscretion had on Evan's ability to take up for himself and the lesson that reinforces for him in the future. While it was Paige who initially urged him to seek the truth from Paul, the fact that he followed through but then had to retract that action sent mixed signals. The simple fact Van Dyke refused to tell Evan the truth was disrespectful to him as the boss. For him to then pursue the story and exonerate Paul on his own was not the order things should have taken place in.

Hank, if I've said it once, I've said it a million times: STAY AWAY from Christina. I still fail to understand her amorousness appeal in his eyes and I'm still strongly opposed to their relationship going any further.

I also appreciated getting to know another person about whom Divya cares besides her parents. It doesn't surprise me that she owns a horse, but it was refreshing that she maintained a connection with the individual who helped her choose that horse. He was a lot like Divya in his opposition to letting go of the battle brewing between him and his soon-to-be ex-wife. Divya certainly wouldn't let go of bringing Hank and Evan back together.

Notable moments from this episode:

  • Hank milking a cow.
  • Van Dyke stealing girl glasses from the bathroom floor of a bar.
  • Evan and Van Dyke becoming "friends."
  • Van Dyke holding a ceremony at which he dispersed the ashes.
  • Hank suggesting they "Casually disperse," quickly amending that statement to telling them to "just run."
  • Van Dyke's behavior while sloppy drunk.

So, did you find Van Dyke's humanization believable, or could they have done better?

Manimal Review

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