Suits Round Table: "Sucker Punch"

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Suits will go back in time on this Thursday's "Rewind," taking viewers inside the lives of its characters five years ago.

But our Round Table isn't taking such drastic members. Instead, staff members Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica are here to take a journey in reverse of just a few days, back to last week's "Sucker Punch."

Gather around now as they breakdown the developments at Pearson/Hardman...


What was your favorite scene from this episode?
Chandel: Mike calling Harvey out for not realizing how far everyone had gone to help him. It's about time he woke up.

Christine: I loved when Donna told off Harvey on the street. He didn't call, he had his assistant call. He never made any personal attempt to talk to her and he didn't have the guts to fire her himself. Hell, he wouldn't even ride the elevator down with her the day she was fired. Donna feels like she's always had Harvey's back but when she needed him, he just walked away.

Nick: Mike is really finding himself and his place in the office dynamic this season, and his willingness to stand up to Louis and go toe to toe with him shows that. I also loved when Donna was being pressured by Louis in the mock trial that Harvey kept sticking up for her.

Carissa: I'm afraid I'm going to be a copy cat! Totally agree with Christine on this one. See my answer to the final question for my other favorite scene.

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Does Donna really love Harvey?
Chandel: I think that whatever she feels for Harvey, it's extremely complicated. There's room for love in the future, and perhaps there even was in the past. I'm sure the flashback episode will clear some of that up.

Christine: Yes. It's complicated and hiding the memo was wrong but yes, on some level Donna loves Harvey. The more interesting question: does Harvey love Donna?

Nick: At one point she does, and I think she'll always have those feelings for him; but they have grown apart and I don't think their feelings are in the same place now, or if their feelings every aligned for that matter. Harvey hasn't really voiced what his feelings for Donna are.

Carissa: Yes. She loves him. She may have even been in love with him once, and may be some day again, but I don't think that is where they are now.

Given the ease with which Hardman was able to get Tanner out of the picture, do you think it's possible he orchestrated the lawsuit against Harvey as a play against Jessica?
Nick:  No, Hardman doesn't wield that kind of influence. What he does have is a great analytical mind, and he sees the same in Mike. Hardman can anticipate and see an avenue to gain control of his company, and he's taking it with Mike. In many ways Mike has his hand on the pulse
of the company because he's so connected with Harvey and Jessica, and he finds unique ways to win - Hardman is leveraging that under a veil of common personalities and moral standards.

Chandel: I'm really liking Nick's take on this question. At first I thought it was oddly convenient that Tanner got so easily knocked out of the picture and thought that perhaps something was afoot. But Hardman's more complicated manipulation of Mike is intriguing.

Christine: I don't think Hardman set this up if only because it threatens to harm the firm but I think he's more than happy to take advantage of it.

Carissa: I don't think Hardman thinks out much at all, but rather takes advantage of situations as they occur. He makes the most of what is in front of him.

Pick one character: What do you hope to learn about them in next week's flashback episode and why?
Nick: Harvey, I want to know the answer to Jessica's final question: what happened that made him so cold?

Chandel: Donna. There is so much to learn about her and her relationship with Harvey and I can't wait to unpack some of that history.

Christine: Louis... because I always want to learn more about Louis.

Carissa: Mike. I'm looking forward to seeing how someone so smart made decisions that took him in directions that were down such strange paths.

As always, choose a Louis Litt moment of the week.
Nick: Making Mike undergo a lie detector test.

Chandel: In the bathroom, verbally assaulting Harvey with the truth. It was a powerful moment, and I an super curious as to what lies behind his description of Donna as "that beautiful woman in there." I wonder if he's legit crushing on Donna???

Christine: Agreed. Louis and Harvey in the restroom, when Louis told Harvey he ripped Donna apart in order to protect him. You could see how upset Louis was and it was something Harvey needed to hear.

Carissa: Again, hands down, agree with Christine. I can remember watching it and thinking this is one of the best scenes ever played on Suits. So passionate and difficult for Louis to share. Just fabulous.

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