Teen Wolf Round Table: Season 2 Finale

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Teen Wolf Season 2 finished up its run on MTV this Monday.  

We reviewed the finale in detail, but now it's time to take a deeper look. In the first-ever Teen Wolf Round Table, the panelists discuss the best moments of the episode and the season, while taking a look ahead at Teen Wolf Season 3. Oh, yes, it's never too soon.

Below, TV Fanatics Dan Forcella, Carla Day, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica are joined by Laurel Brown of BuddyTV.com as they breakdown the concluding episode. Won't you join them?


What was your favorite moment from the final battle scene?
Nick: Stiles being the hero! It was the perfect Stiles moment as it allowed him to be the hero he wants to be, but it's still very true to his character

Laurel: How to choose? I honestly don't think I can pick one. Stiles and Lydia crashing through the wall was my "Yay!!!" moment. The big reveal about Grandpa Gerard's cancer was my "Finally!" moment (I've been obsessed with his pills all season). Allison stabbing Isaac with her many knives was my "Holy crap!" moment. And Jackson's transformation was my "You go, Teen Wolf!" moment.  So one of those.

Carissa: I hate to say it, but watching gramps discover Scott had turned the tables on him. He was so sure he had the upper hand.

Carla: Have to agree somewhat with Carissa. That moment when Gerard realized that Scott had betrayed him was awesome, but Derek's reaction to finding out the truth was even better. Derek has always underestimated Scott. No more.

Dan: My favorite moment kind of piggy backs on Carla's answer.  I loved the fact that Scott had this plan the entire time. Not only does Derek underestimate him, but I think we all did a bit. He may be failing school, but he's kind of winning life right now.

Explain why and how Jackson turned from kanima to wolf?
Nick: I believe it's a culmination of everything. Lydia was able to resist the bite, and I believe her ability to calm Jackson out of his Kanima state, along with Scott outwitting Gerard, and Jackson's bite finally come through and turned him.

Laurel: As we saw when he was hallucinated at the party, Jackson didn't feel like he has any identity or connection to humanity. Lydia and her never-wavering, ill-advised love provided that lone connection that could bring Jackson back to the pack, as it were. Once Jackson knew he had unconditional love, he was psychologically healthy enough to finally transform.

Carissa: Truly, I have no idea, but I've thought since the beginning of the season that he hadn't turned into a wolf because of his parents. They must be related to the supernatural in some way. I thought they might be wolf descendants of some sort. The Kanima needing love fit perfectly due to his orphan status, and Lydia breaking the genetic code with her love turned him into something we have yet to discover. He's more than a wolf.

Carla: That's a question I'd love to know the answer to. Since his parents are unknowns, I figured he genetically was predisposed to be a kanima rather than a wolf. My guess is that it still comes down to his parentage somehow. Or, due to something that happened to him as a child. I loved the scene of his transformation. The blue-eyed wolf is a new fave. 

Dan: I won't complain about Jackson sticking around too much, and him as a wolf will probably be better than him as the kanima, but it still seems a bit to exact to actually make sense.  He needed a connection. He needed love.  I get it, but it just seems a bit too on the nose for me.

What was the best thing about season two of Teen Wolf?
Nick: Last season was very much about Scott and his journey, and, while this season is very much more of the same, it did so while bringing more characters into the fold. It made for a richer story by broadening the relationships, the scope, and the focus. Jackson has had a wonderful character arc as a Kanima and the emotional struggle that served as a metaphor for it. Allison found her inner strength, tested her relationships, and decided which side she belonged on.

Laurel: Other than everything? My personal favorite moments were Stiles playing lacrosse, that bestiary conversation, and the scene where Mrs. Argent sharpened those pencils so aggressively. But the most defining, "We are Teen Wolf, hear us roar!" moment was definitely Peter Hale's resurrection. That was awesome!

Carissa: Scott gaining inner strength not because of his status as a wolf but because of his personal character. That's why I believe he was created as an alpha and has learned so much so quickly. He was a great kid, undiscovered, but made a fantastic wolf once he realized it was only confidence he lacked to lead.

Carla: While the show is primarily teenagers, it didn't feel like a high school show. The teen angst and romantic drama was not overplayed. They were issues that adults would have difficulty dealing with and in many cases better than the adults. I love the supernatural aspect, but I keep coming back for the characters and their interactions.

Dan: Jackson shirtless.

Which character is most underutilized?
Nick: Lydia, but I think that was done on purpose. I've also grown to love Isaac's character, and I want to learn more about him in Season 3.

Laurel: Despite her many going-crazy scenes, the character I always wanted more of was Lydia. Her story felt too slow, and the girl kept disappearing for an episode or two throughout the season.

Carissa:  I kind of have a crush on Danny, so if they'd like to get him involved in the supernatural reindeer games, it would make me a very happy camper indeed.

Carla: The vet. Now, that he's back in the supernatural business, I'd love to see more from him.

Dan: I'm with Carla.  Let's get Sergeant Carver more involved.

What are you most interested in moving forward; The pack of alphas, the vet getting back in the game, or Jackson's wolfhood?
Nick: All of the above!

Laurel: While I think the Alpha pack is going to have the most story potential, I am just too happy about the idea of Jackson as a blue-eyed werewolf. That's going to be so much fun!

Carissa: I'm really interested in both the pack of alphas and Jackson's wolfhood and believe they will somehow interconnect. Both Jackson and Scott are going to be the linchpins to something bigger and I really can't wait to find out what it is.

Carla: I'm going to answer this in reverse: I'm least interested in the pack of alphas. I'm not fond of a group of trouble-making wolves coming to town. That said, I'm going to trust Jeff Davis that they will be handled in an unexpected way and I will end up enjoying the story.

Dan: I'm most interested in seeing how a pack of alphas work.  Doesn't that go against the point of being an alpha amongst betas?

Dan Forcella is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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