Warehouse 13 Review: Two For One

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An underlying theme of Warehouse 13 that has been prevalent since almost the beginning is that every character has a connection to another, and, together, they all form a friendship and family dynamic that they may not have necessarily had prior.

"Personal Effects" took this motif and brought it forward to the main plot in both the case of the week and within the entire team.

Pete & Myka Protect a Town

Pete and Myka’s track down of Jessie eventually led to the root cause of his wind pipe manipulation: his brother Ronnie needed a heart, and Jessie was willing to do whatever it took to make sure his brother had the surgery. Even if that meant Jessie took his own life in the process.

While Jessie is not the perfect allegory to Pete and Myka, he does represent them in a few ways: love, protection and sacrifice. Pete and Myka do love each other, and I know some of our readers don’t see it that way; that’s okay, because the love I’m talking about isn’t necessarily a romantic love. The love they share is of mutual respect for one another, or love in the form of friendship.

They are willing to do anything for each other. Pete could’ve easily ignored his vibes and he and Myka could’ve been smores in the pawn shop; or Pete and Myka could’ve ran over each other trying to escape the falling armored truck; but the fact of the matter is they have each other’s backs and protect one another. It’s the perfect partnership.

Claudia and Steve share a lot of those similarities with Myka and Pete, but tonight they were connected in a very literal sense. It turns out that Claudia’s revival of Steve does indeed come at a price: her life. Well, maybe. All the episode revealed is that Steve’s resurrection ties directly to Claudia, and that could mean they share the same “life” or that Claudia merely feels his pain.

What I’m wondering is does it go both ways? So far we’ve only watched Steve’s pain shared with Claudia, but could there be more to it? And could it be the cause of why Claudia stabs Artie? Does Steve, now knowing the risks of his revival, decide to end his own life, for good, instead of causing more pain to Claudia? It’s a very interesting potentiality.

Finally, there’s Leena and Artie. They’ve had a working relationship that predates the current warehouse team, and they have an understanding for one another; while I would safely bet that Leena and Mrs. Frederick have a deeper relationship from what has been said and history between them I would not discount Artie and Leena.

Leena’s personality and her abilities give her a keen sense of people, and she’s known that Artie has been bearing the secret of turning back time. Will Artie heed her advice of letting someone know that burden? Not likely. Since he’s now calling on someone to find the knife that will stab him.

Before turning the conversation over to you, here is tonight’s winning quote:

Steve: Thongs give me a rash. | permalink

Be sure to visit our Warehouse 13 quotes page for more of tonight’s best lines! Now, what did you think of the episode?

Personal Effects Review

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