Warehouse 13 Round Table: "No Pain, No Gain"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Warehouse 13 Round Table.

This week, the usual suspects of Nick McHatton and Jim Garner (of TV Fanatic) and Judy Manning (of Your Entertainment Corner) breakdown "No Pain, No Gain," analyzing the best scenes and Myka's unusual appearance. Join in the discussion now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Judy: There were a couple, but the one scene in the locker room when Myka and Mike hit it off over some opera and Pete chimes in about "playing Mike's flute" later? Hysterical!

Nick: The ending with Pete and Myka, as they watched the father hold his newborn.

Jim: I loved the discussion on how Myka got pregnant. I totally didn't see it having been Pete that made the wish for Myka to be knocked up!

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Did Joanne Kelly (Myka) look/act pregnant or like she was carrying a basketball?
Judy: Honestly, she did perform some classic preggers moves, but the belly was just way over the top! I think they could have done a better job with that; they could have given her that faux belly suit they use for faking pregnancies on shows. It was appalling using that beach ball looking thing. But Myka did throw in some good pregnancy behavior because it was so sudden in the frequent bathroom trips, the waddling, the emotional roller coaster, the eating, and sleeping... all hallmarks throughout a nine-month pregnancy condensed to fit the situational time frame.

Nick: She had a pregnancy suit on. Her exaggerations went well with the theme of the show and was a good reminder that it wasn't by her own doing... or Pete's. I'm here every week, people!

Jim: As Nick said, she was over doing it a bit, but it fit within the show. Though I did think her mood swings and food cravings were pretty spot on.

Pete as "sassy friend" in a romantic comedy: Yay or nay?
Judy: As much as I love Pete, he's terrible at pretending to be a gay man. He's the quintessential straight guy trying to act femme. It was cheesy, funny at times, but SO cheesy. I laughed the first few times, but the last two-three were like, 'OK, we get it... let's move on now.' LOL.

Nick: Girl, he had it going on it. I loved it.

Jim:Yeah! Pete does sassy pretty well. [Snaps fingers] Uh huh!

Now that Artie wants to help get Steve off the metronome, did Steve's chances just go up?
Judy: I want to say yes, but how is Artie going to get Steve off the metronome? It's not Steve's addicted to nicotine or crack. Is Artie going to wean Steve onto another artifact? I'm very curious, but I hesitate to say yes.

Nick: I think so. If anyone can find a solution it would be Artie!

Jim: I agree with Nick; if anyone can find another artifact to help Pete it's Artie!

Design a 21st century artifact, explaining how the artifact will work.
Judy: It's a little wing-pin you get when you fly the first time, given by Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger III (who safely landed the US Airways plane on the Hudson River in January 2009); when a person wears the wings, it increases his/her bravery/heroism.

Nick: Oh wow, this is a difficult question. Maybe a rogue AOL mailer CD that, when installed on your computer, would allow the user to get the internet to do their bidding. Money, wealth, power, what have you.

Jim: Jon Blunk's Movie Ticket Stub. It gives the person carrying it a sixth-sense warning when other people are about to be in danger.

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That's not hockey. That's pole vaulting.


Myka: Are you living in 1957? Getting pregnant is not on my current to do list.
Artie: How about finding an artifact? Is that on your current to do list?