Wilfred Review: Long Strange Trip

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In the famous words of Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa: "They can't all be winners, can they?"  

Wilfred Season 2 has been interesting. It has been thought provoking. It's been down right hilarious. "Questions" bucked the trend and came up flat.

Sure, the half hour had its funny moments, but they were few and far between in comparison to gems like last week's "Honesty" or anything from the beginning of the season.

Wilfred the Spirit Guide

Wilfred's "we understand each other" in thinking Ryan wanted him to kill Kristen's baby, or the way he subtly used those chopsticks to gracefully eat the vomit off of Ryan's shirt, were more of the exception to rule. The majority of "Questions" was too wrapped up in Ryan's trip to take time to be funny.

The trip easily could have gone somewhere intriguing... but it never really did. We ended with Ryan realizing he was sad, and it may have been because of Amanda. It may have been a culmination of a lot of things. At the end of the day, though, his big realization was that simply that he was sad. It was a bit disappointing.

I know we will never find out what the deal is with Wilfred until the end of the series, but when they started bringing it up during the trip it was too much of a tease. If you're going to throw out that bait, you have to let us pull on the string a bit. Jerk us around, and maybe give us a couple of hints, before pulling the plug and making the whole thing be about Ryan's sadness.

The episode was shot beautifully, and the trip within a trip thing was tremendously done, but that's not good enough for this season of Wilfred. With the bar that has been set this summer, every installment needs to be intriguing, weird, laugh-out-loud funny, and charming to keep pace with what came before it. Unfortunately, "Questions" wasn't.

A couple other notes:

  • Joffrey for the baby name? ¬†Apparently Kristen hasn't seen Game of Thrones.
  • I loved Wilfred making fun of the spirit guide for his voice cracking.
  • Kristen and Jenna making out. Hot or weird?

What did you all think of tonight's episode? Did it do more for you than it did for me? What was the funniest moment? Check out all the best lines in our Wilfred quotes section and sound off in the comments!

Questions Review

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