Bones Season 8 Premiere Pics: Fancy Seeing You Here ...

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We knew from the latest Bones Season 8 promo that Brennan and Booth would reunite.

Now, with Fox's release of a batch of photos from the season premiere, we now have some additional visuals of that key moment and more. Booth eventually tracks down his fugitive, newly-blonde partner, who apparently finds her way back to the lab with Hodgins and Angela as well.

Here's a picture of Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in "The Future in the Past" ...

Brennan Lurks

Bones returns Monday, September 17. What surprises, personal and professional, do you think await Brennan and Booth (David Boreanaz) as they begin a new and challenging season for their relationship?

While they didn't exactly leave things on the best of terms, we have a hunch our favorite dynamic duo will patch things up eventually - and put away Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds) for good.

Click to enlarge the Bones photos below and see what you think ...

Booth and Pelant
Angela, Hodgins, Brennan
Brennan Blonde
A Booth and Brennan Pic
Booth in the Bed
Who Goes There!
Pelant Pic
Booth on Top of Brennan

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