Bones Season 8 Premiere Clips: At Work, On the Lam ...

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... and in each other's arms. Bones is back next Monday night and from the looks of the sneak preview clips below, it'll be worth the wait. We're as excited for Booth and Brennan to reunite as they are.

Fox has released five scenes from the Season 8 premiere, which commences with fugitive Brennan and Christine taking a moment to look at family photos before accomplice/grandpa Max keeps them on the move.

Meanwhile, Booth is saddled with desk duty at the FBI, and feeling far from helpful. All the Bones Season 8 spoilers so far have hinted that Pelant plays a major role, and we get a glimpse of him early on.

After Temperance leaves the team an elaborate clue that might break open the investigation, it's time for the unexpected, violent reunion you've all been waiting for on the motel room floor. Hot stuff!

Watch the clips from Monday's "The Future in the Past" below!

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