Bones Sneak Peeks: It Has a Name?

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On Monday's all-new episode of Bones, Booth learns a hard lesson from Brennan.

Yes, a high-end baby stroller costs $800. Hard to justify that on an FBI salary!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Temperance offers to take care of it, despite Seeley's insistence that everything be split 50/50 when it comes to Christine. The money issue apparently plays a big role in this episode.

Booth does not accompany Brennan to the location of this week's murder because he's called into the office and offered a desk position that would keep him out of the field, but pay him a lot more money.

We'll see how that plays out. Meanwhile, at the crime scene, a body has been blown to smithereens by a car bomb, and Hodgins gets really excited about combustion variables. Who knew he was once on a watch list?

Take a look at the three scenes from "The Gunk in the Garage" below:

For further discussion of Bones, check out our review of this week's episode. How are you liking the new season so far? Do you think this episode looks good? Share your comments with us below.

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Bones Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Hodgins: I've loved combustion variables ever since I blew up the multipurpose room for my middle school science fair project. First time I made it onto a watch list.
Cam: Yeah, that's a lot less creepy.

Booth: Don't do that. Not that look. Please. Don't give me the sad eyes.
Brennan: Please?
Booth: Ah, come on! No, I'm not looking. I'm driving.
Brennan: Come on.
Booth: Oh, you were never able to do this look before the baby! What did the baby do to you?