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"The Empty Locket" was a real stunner, a bit of a step away from the procedural format Copper has followed in its first three episodes.

Thanks to the murder of the abortionist and it being she who pawned Ellen's locket, we did have the mystery of Corcoran trying to track down her journal to discover if Ellen had an abortion and paid for it via the locket. But there were no outside cases disturbing the lives of our core group, which was a nice change of pace.

The Empty Locket Scene

Speaking of that locket, considering how often it had been ripped off of women's throats since we've seen it, I'm uncertain as to how Molly kept putting it back on her neck. If any necklace is so fragile it can be ripped that easily from the neck, it's going to take some time to get it back in wearing order. Yes, little things like that bug me. For as long as I've watched television I've wondered who goes around just ripping chains off of women's necks. 

Annie sure can sing a great off-color nursery rhyme! Check out the Copper Quotes to see what I'm talking about. It's a laugh out loud one for sure. It was her innocent Pretty Little Liar-ish demeanor that set off a series of events she could have never dreamed. Once she set her tongue to wagging there was nothing she wouldn't tell anybody willing to listen. She managed to let loose to Eva that Molly and Corcoran were together. Eva didn't seem to take it all in right away, but it certainly set her mind spinning.

Once we learned Molly and Francis were going to get married, I what that revelation would do to the relationship between Francis and Kevin. In the long run I'd bet on Francis and Kevin coming out unharmed, but Molly could lose everything. For what? I still didn't know why she wanted so badly to be with Corcoran and forsake both her love and her employer.

All of that thinking was for nothing because Eva's mind had taken in everything she heard from Annie, and once she had ample time to process it a swift goodbye was in the cards for Molly. I shrieked out loud when Eva slit her throat. I thought she was going to threaten her once she had her by the hair, but girlfriend didn't waste any time.

It easily cleaned up any loose ends between Kevin and Francis, leaving Corcoran for Eva. Annie had also spelled out quite a bit about the flirting between Corcoran and Elizabeth, so our next worry should be one Mrs. Haverford. It just became very apparent there is nothing Eva won't do to keep Kevin Corcoran all to herself. 

Other things of note:

  • I really believed it when Francis and Corcoran went to the pawn shop and were told the story about Ellen asking the abortionist for money to pay for food for her daughter. I'm such a sucker! I should have seen it coming that Francis had paid him to tell Kevin that story for peace of mind. Even when he turned around, I thought he was going to pawn the bracelet for a ring while they were there, not plop five dollars on the table for the lie. I really love how deep their friendship runs.
  • Is there anything Freeman doesn't know how to do? He's just a doctor, but he was able to take a piece of burnt paper and get the equivalent of a photograph from it of a letter burned in the fire? Part of the fun of Copper is wondering what he's going to whip out of his medical kit next!
  • It was pretty cool that Morehouse's father gave up a church Bishop because "nothing is worse than a hypocrite." The Morehouse father and son team are a really interesting duo. At times it seems Robert isn't on board with everything his father has going on, but at others they seem as tight as a father and son could be. Helping Corcoran in that situation was a great example of them working well together.
  • Another thing I'm enjoying about Copper is the historical aspect. I never knew anything about Liberia. That's where Matthew's uncle Marcus was heading until he ran into Jasper and wanted to turn him into a fighter. I hope that story line is coming up, because I love boxing and Morehouse was very excited about the overall concept. Back to Liberia - I looked it up and it had a really rich history as a country formed by former US slaves until it went corrupt for various reasons in 1980. Watch Copper and learn about history!

Another great episode, full of action, revelations and the fortitude of deeply formed friendships. What did you think about "The Empty Locket?"

The Empty Locket Review

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