Gabriel Mann on Revenge Season 2: Nothing Ever Stays the Same

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As quirky billionaire Nolan Ross on ABC's Revenge, Gabriel Mann forms half of one of TV's most dynamic duos.

Speaking with TV Fanatic today, the actor shed light on what we can expect from the wingman/guardian/co-conspirator of Emily VanCamp's Emily Thorne in Season 2. The main takeaway from our conversation:

Expect the unexpected, because "nothing ever stays the same on Revenge," even between Nolan and Emily.

Mann teased that the "evolution, or devolution to an extent, of that relationship" will be central to his character this fall, thanks in large part to a host of "new Hamptons interlopers" on the scene.

"For the first time, Nolan has competition for that prized position in Emily's life, which drives a wedge between them," he said. "However, based on some of the events that play out involving the [new characters], the changing circumstances ultimately may bring them back together as well."

Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross

Mann also promised that more layers of his personal and professional life will be peeled back in Season 2, as the "equal opportunity lover" will be given at least one romantic interest. As for NolCorp?

"We're going to find early on that Nolan, a billionaire whose company is bigger than Grayson Global, perhaps hasn't been paying as much attention to his company as he should have," he said.

"His fatal flaw has always been his need for love and attention, to the point where he'll put himself in harm's way ... I think we're going to explore the wide-ranging consequences of that."

Nolan's adventures with Emily throughout Revenge Season 1 certainly took their toll, and we'll see how much past events have altered the eccentric Mr. Ross' outlook - and physical look - from the onset.

When asked about his new haircut (see clip below), Mann joked that "much like the whale cam, it had run its course" and that subtle appearance change "ties into the character's evolution."

"This is a guy who has been kidnapped, tortured; he's ruined people's lives, but also was involved for the first time in something that made him feel alive ... there's no way that won't change a person."

"I always saw Nolan's look as part of his armor, but this season, he's going to be a bit more exposed, say more with less ... he doesn't feel the need to hide behind the same, preppy, medieval page boy costume."

Regarding the show's general arc, Mann confirmed that like the first season, Sunday's premiere begins with an event, then flashes back and unravels how we got there, probably over the course of 13-14 episodes.

That's where the similarities end, however.

"Season 2 is like another world," the actor teased, noting the key additions of Barry Sloane and Jennifer Jason Leigh, but also revelations about existing characters and how they fit into the overall narrative.

"We don't know the full story of NolCorp, or Americon Initiative, or even David Clarke's murder. We don't know what happened in Daniel's past or how Ashley Davenport arrived in the Hamptons to plan the world's worst parties."

"There's so much more to explore, with everyone's hidden motivations and psychology."

It's difficult to keep track of it all for a viewer, or even an actor. Although Mann insists he's seen a "Revenge Bible" - listing all the connections of every person and object ever seen on the show - on the desk of one of the writers.

If anyone has one, let him know, okay? Seriously, he really wants a copy.

Revenge Season 2 begins this Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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