Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Clip: Is Derek Ready?

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Is Derek ready? He claims he is, but something about his body language says otherwise in this Grey's Anatomy season premiere clip, and Callie's certainly reacting to the revelation with surprise.

The inaugural sneak peek of the ninth season has dropped, and with it, questions of McDreamy's preparedness to jump back into surgery. This is expected to be one of the main themes of Season 9.

Ellen Pompeo's interview this week hinted that how well Derek is able to operate after the injury he sustained remains an unanswered question. For him, being less than 100 percent may not cut it.

It looks here like he's trying to convince himself as much as Callie that he's back to his old self, but time will tell if that's accurate. Check out our first glimpse of "Going Going Gone" and comment below:

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