Oops, Glee Will Do It Again...

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Glee went off on a new direction during its Season 4 premiere, introducing a number of fresh faces and taking viewers to New York City for a sizable portion of the episode.

Next Thursday, however, the Fox hit will run it back with something a bit old: another Britney Spears tribute episode.

Look for Heather Morris to once again lead the way on "Britney 2.0" and for Rachel and Kurt to catch up in The Big Apple. We've already posted a number of Glee photos from the upcoming installment, but here's your first look at the official teaser:

What did you think of "The New Rachel?" Grade the premiere now:

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I haven't seen the movie of glee four yet. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
I hope they bring back Darren Criss's charector. All the songs that he sings get a hole lot better in every movie. I was impresed with the songs that I heard on the computer for the movie.
I hope that Darren wopes Brittany by being class president.
This is Leah R Shulgold- Albert.


I just never cared for BS and her music. Season 2 Britany was pretty bad to me but did show Heather's dancing talent. Reviewers can say what they want but I will have my own opinion when the Britany 2.o is aired. I've seen 2 dance sequences and they are just ok. So I'm hoping to not being bored in watching the second episode of season 4.


I hear its completely different from season 2's, so not really a copy and every reviewer says its hilarious. i can't wait!


Dear oh dear - just when you thought Rachel Berry couldn't BE any more annoying...and MR back doing his Gleevil worst as the reviewer. This season ain't looking too gleeful already.


Why are they doing another tribute of someone who wasn't worthy of the first one? It will however mean great things for heather Morris which is a plus.


more heather/Brittany the better can't wait to see this episode.


so excited this episode looks amazing.

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Glee Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Well that was just garbage. Garbage wrapped in skin.


Brittany: My name is Brittany S. Pierce, and I finally know how Jesus feels in his house way up at the North Pole because I am on top of the world. Senior year was awesome and now I get to relive every minute of it. I'm head Cheerio, vice-Rachel of the Glee club, and now I'm planning a Middle East style sham election that will install me as senior class president for life.
Blaine: Brittany, who are you talking to?
Brittany: I thought I was doing a voice over.

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