Private Practice Round Table: "Aftershock"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

With Private Practice Season 6 underway, TVF staff writer Christina Tran joins Round Table regulars Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Q&A discussion of this week's surprising premiere.

Here's the TVF panel's take on everything from the emotional "Aftershock," with a look ahead to the season to come for Addison, Sam, Cooper, Charlotte and the rest of the doctors we know and love ...


1. What was the biggest surprise of the Season 6 premiere?

Caitlyn: Honestly, I was most shocked that something came up with Sheldon's health. I didn't expect it at all especially since the guy barely gets a decent storyline! Seems like Shonda and the writers are doing just that now.

Christina: Although I have always said that I would love to see Charlotte pregnant, I didn’t think it’d happen so soon – especially with THREE babies. Crazy!

Jarrod: I’m inclined to agree with Christina. Charlotte being pregnant was not the surprise, but I have to say that her being pregnant with triplets left me laughing obnoxiously. Though I pity Charlotte for feeling obligated to have children with Cooper, I’m looking forward to the hilarious pain Charlotte will put Cooper through during the pregnancy. What I don’t look forward to is what horrible drama Shonda will put them through.

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2. What are your thoughts on the structure of the episode? What if every episode this season was the same way?

Caitlyn: It was interesting and obviously very different. I liked it especially since we got a whole part just for Charlotte and Cooper (that way it's easier to watch again). I probably wouldn't enjoy it if it were that way every week though and luckily it won't be since I hear no episode will be like another.

Christina: I thought it was a fantastic way to introduce the characters on their possibly final journey; however, I also am in agreement with Caitlyn and hope it's a one-time thing.

Jarrod: I must say I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting how every story connected in its own way. It did, however, make storylines much more predictable on the other hand. Overall, the concept was done well, but as Caitlyn and Christina said: a one-time thing only.

3. Huge news happened to every single character. Whose journey are you most interested in?

Caitlyn: Charlotte and Cooper, of course! I've waited so long for them to get pregnant and it finally happened! Although I'm pretty sure it won't be an easy ride for them, seeing as how Shonda's track record with pregnancies always includes some form of tragedy, I still look forward to how CharCoop will deal with this.

Christina: I’m a huge fan of CharCoop so I definitely am interested in their pregnancy experience and how Mason will react. I also am excited to see how changed Amelia will be after all the tragedies she’s gone through last year. She’s grown up a lot, and I am expecting to see her as the rock everyone needs.

Jarrod: I’d like to say Charlotte and Cooper, but like Caitlyn said, Shonda somehow manages to get her rocks off by making every pregnancy complicated, which turns me off it. My toss up is probably Jaddison or Sheldon. I’ve never seen Addison get everything, so this season is a turn around. In regards to Sheldon, a storyline in general has me intrigued.

4. Is it too early to come up with a couple name for Stephanie and Sam? If not, give it your best shot.

Caitlyn: How lame is Stam? Pretty lame, I know. Not sure if it'll last but I kind of hope it will. Sam deserves happiness too!

Christina: Yes, it’s way too early. Stam is better than what I’ve got… which is Bephanie (Bennett + Stephanie). Terrible, I know.

Jarrod: Samphanie comes to mind for me. Sam seems happy, so hopefully Shonda won’t be stupid enough to kill her off. Mostly because I like Justina Machado as an actress and I enjoyed the chemistry between Taye Diggs and herself.

5. In a few words, write a eulogy for Pete.

Caitlyn: You were a very, very patient man to put up with Violet the way you did. Such a shame that you won't be there for Lucas.

Christina: Your son will miss you. And I’m going to miss you every time I see him... and especially when I see Violet!

Jarrod: Pete, you were a good man, a great doctor and a fantastic husband and father. Though times were often tough for you, you eventually faced the challenges headfirst. You will be strongly missed by your friends and fans… just not Shonda.

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