Rookie Blue Round Table: "I Never"

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It was the Rookie Blue season finale and just when we thought "I Never" might give us everything we wanted, it took a sharp turn, leaving fans to wonder what the heck just happened to their beloved officers.

In the final Round Table of the season, TV Fanatic staffer Christine Orlando is joined by Stacey, Nathalie, and Kathryn from the Rookie Blue Two Worlds Collide Fan Forum as they decide whether Sam's I love you and the subsequent cliffhanger left them satisfied or disappointed.


What was your favorite scene?
Stacey: Sam fighting for Andy near the end of the episode. I loved that he wouldn't let her walk away until he was finished. His I screwed up, let's get a dog, let me make you dinner, meet me for a drink speech was fantastic!

Nathalie: The scene between Sam and Andy towards the end in and out of the locker room. Sam really sounded like he meant what he said earlier, he was desperate for her to give him a second chance.

Kathryn: Anything with Oliver, especially the tough love talk with Sam, advice to Diaz, and nervous debate about whether to go on a date or give Zoe yet another chance.

Christine: I loved Sam asking her if she'd ever held a grenade before and she tells him, "It was never really a goal of mine." Then when he blurts out I love you she looks at him like he's lost his mind. He's lucky she didn't drop the grenade.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Did you find Sam finally telling Andy "I love you" satisfying?
Stacey: I really like that he finally said those words and then reiterated them later to make sure she knew it wasn't said in the heat of the moment. But I would have preferred some additional conversation between them during the initial 'I love you.'

Nathalie: Mostly yes. The only thing I didn't like is that it was "in the heat of the moment", that it took Andy risking death for him to come to his senses. But that aside, that scene felt powerful and seeing the struggle Sam went through to say those words just shows how important it was to him.

Kathryn: Not really. The scene was a little too short and anti-climactic. Andy wasn't even sure if he meant it. And I can't take all the extreme mood swings from Sam this season. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm watching the kick ass Swarek who used to be one of my favorite TV characters or Sybil. How can a cop's emotions be spun in such completely different directions by danger, death, or perceived abandonment? I'm praying the talented writing team will bring his mojo back in a big way for s4 and come up with a really great backstory to explain why he's been acting this way.

Christine: Yes…and no. I agree with Kathryn that we really need to learn more about Sam to make this all make sense but I did enjoy the way he begged Andy to give him a second chance.

Should Chris transfer to Timmins?
Stacey: Definitely not! His life is in Toronto with 15 Division and his friends. Maybe he can work out a compromise with Denise because I do like that he wants to be there for his son 100 percent.

Nathalie  I would hate it if Chris left but at the same time I can only understand him wanting to be with his son.

Kathryn: Absolutely not. I admire his enthusiasm for being a Dad, but he doesn't need to be a doormat to Denise after she held out on him all these years. He could move to a suburb or work out some less drastic compromise.

Christine: Chris needs to figure out how to be in his son's life but not follow Denise around like a puppy. Unless he really loves Timmins there should be a better compromise.

Who should be Gail's Training Officer now that she has to ride with one again?
Stacey: I'd like to see Gail with Oliver or Noelle, if she's back after the baby at the start of Rookie Blue Season 4. It's not the typical Training Officer scenario where Gail's a brand new rookie, so I think the fact that Oliver and Noelle already know her, they'd be the perfect ones to supervise her.

Nathalie: Maybe Sam, given that the season ended with them drinking together. I'd love to see her with Noelle but maternity leave makes that impossible.

Kathryn: Gail is so fun to watch interact with everyone, I'd rather she rotate among Sam, Oliver, and the new character Marlo rather than just have a single TO.

Christine: Gail is one of my favorite characters. I love her sarcasm. She could really exasperate Swarek which would be a lot of fun to watch.

Were you happy with the cliffhanger?
Stacey: Not at all. It left me disappointed and frustrated. I wish Andy had at least said goodbye to Sam before she left. Also, the taskforce and the rush to go undercover seemed very forced and a bit unbelievable.

Nathalie: As a McSwarek shipper, my heart isn't happy that Andy chose the job over Sam. But I understand where she comes from. I just hope that Sam will be there for her when she returns.

Kathryn: NOOO!!!! The last minute UC thing was horrible! They laid that extreme, high pressure 5-minute decision on Andy, why? It wasn't realistic, and the melodrama of not being able to tell anyone just created unneeded extreme circumstances to Andy's departure. Now even this RABID McSwarek shipper's faith about whether or not they really love each other deeply was shaken. I love Ben and Missy's charisma together, but I also want characters to make sense. So they have a steep climb to make them believable together again, if that's the plan.

Christine: Ugh. Forcing Andy and Nick to leave right that minute and not tell anyone felt melodramatic. Luke said he had hundreds of applicants yet he chose Nick, a brand new rookie, and Andy someone who ended up on suspension the last time she was involved in an undercover op. The more I think about it the more that plot point really bugs me.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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