Royal Pains Season 4 Report Card: C

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Royal Pains Season 4 has come and gone.

From the break-up and make-up of HankMed, to new doctors and new beaus, the Hamptons have never been this hectic. Read through our TV Fanatic Report Card now and then also check out the grade we gave to fellow USA Network drama White Collar...

Royal Trio

Moment We Wish Wasn't: The whole Hank and Evan fallout at the beginning of the season carried on for too long. The dramatic impact of it was lost after episode two.

Fools Rush In: Hank and Divya both had their fair share of romantic troubles and shake-ups this season. From Jill to Christina to Harper, Hank seemed to get around once every four episodes on average. It just seemed really out of character for him. As for Divya, the introduction of Rafa also introduced an almost unrecognizable alter ego of the cautious physician’s assistant. Out of character wasn’t even the half of it.

International Intrigue: Dmitri was probably the biggest thorn in the side for me when it came to Hank’s interactions with Boris. First, Boris was tight-lipped about his dealings, expecting Hank to go in blind with him... and then Boris whisks him away to help a man who eventually threatens to shoot him dead. That’s not even considering the fact in the final minutes of the finale it appeared that Dmitri might have actually killed Boris in an explosion. Talk about strains on a friendship!

Sacani Will See You Now: If I had to pick a favorite new Doc on the HankMed team, Jeremiah Sacani takes the cake. While his initial awkwardness was a little disconcerting, it didn’t take long for him to grow on me, especially towards the latter half of the season when he began developing a crush on Divya. I can’t wait to see where that takes him.

Family Ties: Now that we know that Paige is adopted, I’m struggling to see why that was important development to throw into the mix this season. While I understand that each character needs to develop, there was already enough unsatisfactorily addressed character development already in progress.  Now that the season is over and we still don’t know who her biological parents are, I don’t see what the point was, except to push Evan and Paige to get married a year sooner. I could have waited.

Royal Pains has been renewed for two more seasons. This should give them some time to seriously reflect on where they want to take this show, and maybe plan it out a bit better for the future.

Overall Grade: C

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Royal Pains Season 4?

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Royal Pains Quotes

Jill: I thought you weren't worried about Hans.
Hank: I'm not, but I'm worried about you.

Hank: I do know my way around a Parcheesi board.
Evan: And Grandma's too. Wait ,that didn't sound right did it?