Supernatural Season 8 Promo: What the Hell Happened?

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Oh, Hell yeah: The CW has unveiled the first extended promo for Supernatural Season 8.

In the following spot, which debuted on Zap2It, we see Sam and Dean hug it out after spending a year apart, thanks to the latter's stay in Purgatory. We then see flashes of his time there, which includes an eerie shot of Castiel.

Cut to current day and the question that looms over the minute-long trailer: What if the gates of Hell could be closed... forever?

What will Crowley do about that? How will the brother go about making this happen? What's the deal with Naomi, a significant recurring player we'll meet on Episode 7? All worthy questions, all meant for another time. For now, just press Play and enjoy:

Supernatural moves to Wednesdays and returns on October 3. Read through the official synopsis for new episodes now!

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