Weeds Review: Return to Regrestic

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The Botwins returned to Agrestic on the 100th episode of Weeds... errrr, Regrestic.... errr, the Land of a Million Easy Plot Devices.

While I was prepared to watch "God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise" with an open mind, considering my frustration at the meandering, tension-free Season 8 so far, I found myself disappointed once again by the show I once adored.

If anything, this trip back home simply reminded me of how fresh and witty Weeds once seemed. And how random and direction-less it has become.

Nancy with Guillermo

My main frustration stemmed from just how easy everything came to Nancy and company.

She decided to go into the legal weed business at the conclusion of last Sunday's installment and then - boom! - she convinced old friends Conrad and Guillermo to join her before this week's half hour was over.

Silas re-discovered the love of his life. Shane was given his badge back. Doug - seriously, why has he been kept around this season when he has absolutely nothing to do with the family? - decided to make some more money by going all religious.

It was all wrapped in a tidy, undeveloped bow... except for Andy and that final scene, of course. I give full props to Justin Kirk and Mary-Louise Parker. It was a doozy.

Viewers have been waiting for that moment between Nancy and Andy for 99 episodes. So it's hard to argue that it wasn't earned; Andy's feelings for his one-time sister-in-law and the way he has kept following her around to all ends of the continent, despite no reciprocated confirmation, has certainly been an ongoing storyline.

But not so much this season. Not so much in the moments leading up to that raw, emotion-filled session on the front lawn. It came out of nowhere in many ways, didn't it? Nancy was setting up her new business, Andy, yes, was wondering where his life was headed... and then suddenly they're finally doing it and Nancy is screaming out for Andy to stick around.

It was well acted and it did finally give this show some tension heading into next week's series finale, but it came across as shoved in at the last second, as if creator Jenji Kohan knew she had to bring this relationship to a boil, so she simply did so. Just like that.

What did everyone else think of the return trip home? Were you happy to see Conrad again? And do you want to see Nancy end up with Andy?

God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise Review

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