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Castle and Beckett finally got their romantic vacation in "Murder He Wrote." If you consider the appearance of a dead body in the pool while you're naked to be romantic, that is.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Carla Day, Chandel Charles, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are joined by Castle fan Angie from The 12th Fan Forum to try and figure out why Ryan's keeping mum and who was Beckett's best boyfriend... besides Castle, of course.


What was your favorite scene?
Angie: I was blown away by this episode and loved every minute of it. There were so many important and memorable moments, not the least of which was the wonderfully seductive final scene, which was so worth waiting for. But in terms of sheer impact, Ryan's interrogation scene is hard to top. That was so well set up and executed, and Ryan's disbelieving suspicion and dawning astonishment was just an unparalleled moment that got my most vocal and unexpected reaction.

Carla: I could spend all day trying to decide from so many incredible scenes. I'll go with the last scene: Beckett getting into bed and writing Castle's next book for him. Love them together!

Chandel:  Definitely the scene when Castle was trying to put the moves on Beckett but she kept resisting because she kept having revelations about the case.

Jim: I loved when Rick and Kate came up with "Caskett" as their name. TV Fanatics have been using it forever, maybe Andrew Marlowe is one of us. Oh, and Kate asking if she could get writing credit for helping with the end of Hampton Heat.

Christine: As much as I love the final scene, my favorite was the sequence when they arrive at his place. From Kate's awe to her hesitation to her voicing her concern. that's not something we would have seen in previous seasons. I was happy that Castle's answer was so honest.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Is Kate feeling guilty for keeping the relationship from their friends?
Angie: Undoubtedly. At first, it was probably new and exciting to have this special thing between them. I think Kate has reached the point where she sees what they are missing out on – maybe a date night with the Ryans or even just a casual drink with friends in which she can share her happiness. Playing it close to the vest is not as appealing as it once was because these people have become so much more dear to her. I think the bigger question though, is how long she reasonably thought they could hide it – six months, a year, forever? And to what end?

Carla: Maybe a little. But, she believes she has a good reason to keep it private.

Chandel:  I think she's starting to psychologically. Every time anything is even insinuated about keeping secrets or relationships she starts to squirm.

Jim: I think she has a little guilt going, but it is clearly out-weighed by her concern that she would get in trouble. And she certainly doesn't want to stop seeing Rick.

Christine: I think Castle is happier to go with the flow but lying to people she respects and cares about is wearing on Beckett. She's risking her career and the strain is starting to get to her.

Why did Ryan chose to keep their secret?
Angie: I think if Espo had been at the precinct immediately after Ryan came out of that interrogation, Ryan would have confessed all in a rush of adrenaline. But he had time to think and reflect, as well as talk to Castle and no doubt sense his underlying panic. Those factors allowed Ryan to realize how hard Castle and Beckett worked to keep this quiet, and he probably also figured out their very practical reason for it. Ultimately, it's their news to share, and he's not going to take that away from them.

Carla: He realized it wasn't his secret to tell. Plus, it makes for a much better story. What he does with the information will be fun to watch. Will he pretend he doesn't know? Or, will he confront Beckett and/or Castle about it. Too bad we have to wait two weeks to find out!

Chandel:  Because he knows what the stakes are and if there is any way he can help it from getting out, he's going to do it because he wants Kate and Rick to be able to work together.

Jim: First, I was totally off base last week, as I figured once Ryan or Espo found out, the other would know. As for why he didn't tell Espo, I can only guess it's out of respect for Rick and Kate.

Christine: Because he's a good guy and a good friend. He knows how much Beckett has been through and how long it's taken these two to get together.  As Carla said, it's not his secret to tell and he'll support his friends by keeping his mouth shut.

Who was your favorite and least favorite of Beckett's ex-boyfriends?
Angie: Demming was my favorite. He was a nice, upstanding guy who even asked Castle if the field was clear. All he wanted was a shot with Kate, but he ended up being a victim of Castle and Kate's denial. Will, I feel, is a nonissue. Kate outgrew him very quickly – plain and simple. And then there's Josh. In the end, I think, like Demming, Josh became a victim of Kate's denial, but that didn't come close to making up for his arrogance toward Castle and his easy willingness to accept Kate at face value (which Castle never did) because it was convenient for him and fit his vision and priorities of their relationship.

Carla: Favorite: Tom Demming. Love Michael Trucco and if Beckett wasn't going to be with Castle, he's perfect for her. Least Favorite: Josh Davidson. Beckett didn't really have a spark with him. He was a rebound from feeling rejected by Castle. He was a distraction and nothing more.

Chandel:  None of them were favorites or least favorites because they weren't Castle. They simply didn't exist for me!

Jim: I'm with Carla, I really like Demming. Of course, mine is because I'm a huge Battlestar Galactica fan and I have a soft spot for Trucco.

Christine: Demming was definitely my favorite. I'm a big fan of Michael Trucco as well and the character was a good guy who really cared about her.  Josh came off as selfish and arrogant. I really wouldn't mind Will coming back just to make Castle a little jealous. Those two were fun rivals in season one.

If you could add one thing to the episode, what would it have been?
Angie: I certainly wouldn't have complained if the final scene had gone on a little longer, but in truth, I feel the episode at least touched on everything I could have wanted, and a few things I didn't expect, e.g. Kate's initial worries. The long line of romantic interruptions is admittedly raising frustration levels, but as long as it stays original and we get some eventual pay off, which we definitely did, I'm not complaining.

Carla: Nothing. It had everything. Loved the honest conversation about Castle and his previous girlfriends, Castle-Beckett banter, a Murder She Wrote reference, not-James-Patterson rich comment, rogue detective work, Ryan and Esposito mission, Ryan's anger and dismay at the secret, and Caskett! I'm sure I missed a few awesome moments, but overall. Loved it!

Chandel:  I would have liked to have seen them have a little bit more fun on their vacation. Couldn't they have gone sailing or dancing or something. Just a minute or two scene, nothing super long!

Jim: Angela Lansbury sipping coffee with Tom Bosley as Rick and Kate walked by, giving him some writing advice, and Rick getting a little star struck from meeting the author Jessica Fletcher. Of course, it would also have worked as a reply when the sheriff said "sounds like one of your books" and Rick could have said "Nah, this is more Fletcher's style."

Christine: It was a wonderful episode, but I would have loved it if Beckett had confessed to Castle that she was going to go to the Hamptons with him at the end of season two. I think he believes his feelings were one sided for far longer than they really were.  I'd love to see his reaction to the news that this relationship almost started two years earlier.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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