Gossip Girl Finale Set Videos: Behind the Scenes!

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By now, you've seen the photos revealing the mother of all Gossip Girl spoilers.

At least you probably have, and if not, you can. Follow the two links below for:

Now then, on to three videos recently posted online! These clips center on the [spoiler alert, yet again] event depicted in the first set of pictures. Are you ready to proceed? If not, turn back now. Okay? Good.

You won't be able to make out too much from the clips below, however the first shows Chuck, Nate, Dan and Jack running down the steps with Georgina behind them, and the next two? Chair. Getting married.

Production staff blocks most of the good angles, obviously, but you can still catch glimpses of the couple, as well as Cyrus (?) saying "You may kiss the bride" ... and cops bursting on the scene to haul Chuck away.

There is a fairly good shot of Chuck and Blair kissing at one point, in what could always be (and Chair fans hope is not) a dream sequence. Take a look at the videos and tell us what you think happens below!

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