Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Save Me For Once!

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Blair's back is to the wall on Gossip Girl, and not in a hot Chuck bass kind of way.

In Monday's episode, "Dirty Rotten Scandals," she's got a lot on the line with Waldorf Designs' big fashion show coming up, and needs a striking model to help her cause. Who better to call than Serena van der Woodsen?

Oh, right, these two aren't exactly on the best of terms these days.

Serena takes the call, but politely declines, saying she has a "new family" now - Steven and Sage. Oh boy. Despite B's pleas and (true) claims that she's saved S plenty of times, her once-and-future BFF isn't having it.

At least for now. Check out the sneak peek below ...

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